Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NIGHTSHIFT by Kate Douglas, Crystal Jordan & Lynn LaFleur

Publisher: Aphrodisa/Kensington Books
Date Published: December 1st, 2011
ISBN 9780758269362
Erotic Paranormal, Science fiction Romance
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Three stories that will heat up your cold winter’s night in NIGHT SHIFT as three couples find hot molten desire as they find love with the unlikeliest of people.

Kate Douglas kicks things off in Dream Catcher. A woman stirs Mac’s dreams like never before. Is she a figment of his imagination? He has no idea. All he knows is she is the only one who can give him the pleasure he craves. Zianne needs Mac to help free her people. Can she convince this human man to let himself believe in her and the love they share?

Kate Douglas delivers a beginning into what I hope will become a series for th is author. Dream Catcher is an interesting concept, had tight writing and a fast moving storyline that sucks you in. I loved the sparks that flew between Zianne and Mac plus I am eager to see if more will be set in this fascinating world that Ms. Douglas created.

Crystal Jordan’s Taken Between tells a tale of a woman who lives to protect her queen but only one man can stir her desires to the boiling point-the King’s brother. Can these two find a way to have their forever love while averting a tragedy?

Crystal Jordon delivers a really intriguing story of a royal guard who is also a shape-shifter. Very intriguing, lots of smoking hot sex and the main characters kept me eager for more. Tight writing, fast moving storyline and a simmering sexual tension you know is about to explode at the least likely moment. All make Taken Between a perfect story in my opinion.

Finally, Lynn LaFleur delivers The Right Number, in which a wrong number produces something unexpected-a mate for Jay. Getting to know Roni, Jay knows he found the one woman meant to be his. Roni is feisty, independent and a shifter like himself. Can these two move forward to an everlasting love when a tragedy befalls Jay that makes him doubt Roni’s motives?

I loved this story. It had a little mystery, lots of sexual tension and to die for hero-Jay-who pushed all my buttons, in a good way. The author does a really good job in creating the perfect blend of romance, paranormal and mystery that made me want to know more. I am really hoping the author comes back to this story as I am eager to see some of the secondary characters get their own stories.

These three hot stories will definitely heat you right up. I can attest you will definitely need a cold shower after reading this book or maybe jumping the significant other as well. NIGHTSHIFT is a trio of gems that had me eager for more and some ice as well—just to cool off. Each story is hot in its own right but put them all together and you got scorching meltdown. Each story delivers some wonderful characters that had me intrigued, hot, scorching sex scenes that will make you think the book is on fire and a storyline I wished was longer. Each author delivers a wonderful mix of sex, love, mystery and romance all wrapped in a bow. I am hoping these three authors get together again and write another anthology filled with unique tales that will leave you panting.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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