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Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Date published: October 12, 2011
ISBN None Assigned
Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher.

Arianne King, a royal guard, protector of the Latros people, and sister to the queen, is intent on keeping the Deamhans of hell at bay and preventing anyone from passing through the portal and into hell. To do so would mean danger to her people and their very existence, if Bathin, Lord of the Deamhans, and his entire army are allowed to escape from hell.

Sexy, charming FBI agent, Darien Lange, is brilliant and handsome, not to mention arrogant and very good at what he does. His mission now is to pass through the portal, to find and destroy the powerful stone Bathin forged, one that concentrates and amplifies his power. The stone is what will allow the Deamhan army through the portal to destroy Earth and Celestial Wood, home of the Latros people.

When Arianne fails in her mission, unable to prevent Darien and his team from entering hell, she is overwhelmed with guilt, especially since she feels an unusual connection with the human. But when Darien reappears six months later, she sadly learns that his team is now missing and that a Deamhan resides in him. One that will only be appeased through the pains and weaknesses of sexual desire and intimacy with another.

Eager to subdue the beautiful Arianne, Darien knows just what to do for her. Barely realizing what is happening, she quickly finds herself intimately swept up into a wildly erotic adventure with him, one that eventually draws them together in an unwanted spirit bond neither is able to resist.

As darkness looms on the horizon, as Bathin and his army cross into Earth, thanks to the souls stoking the magic stone, Arianne and Darien soon discover the need to join forces and return to hell in order to preserve the goodness of their world...and destroy the stone once and for all.

UNHOLY PURSUITS by Suzanne Rock is a pleasant romp in the world of the magical, winged Latros, a people who will do whatever it takes to survive the evil threatening them.

Ms. Rock has created great characters, and it doesn’t take long to become attached to the hero and heroine of UNHOLY PURSUITS. I really liked Darien, especially when he first sees Arianne. He is so arrogant, yet confident in his skill with women. And being a gorgeous, brilliant hunk doesn’t hurt either. Arianne’s determination to carry out her own mission is impressive, until she fails. Then the reader becomes aware of her vulnerability and self-esteem issues related to being what she terms a misfit among the Latros people.

The bad guys, the evil Deamhans, are everything you would want them to be. Nasty, snarling...evil. As Arianne chides herself for her failures, it becomes clear how even more determined she is to change her misfit status and successfully keep Bathin and his hordes from entering Earth and trying to destroy her home, her people, and all she has ever known.

The plotting is skillfully done in UNHOLY PURSUITS. Ms. Rock weaves a tapestry of erotic, sensual scenes throughout this story, drawing the reader in more and more as Arianne’s and Darien’s spirits begin to bond. Despite the fact that neither wants to make it a permanent thing, I was rooting up until the end for them to finally emerge as one soul, to be of one mind. When they finally accept the idea of a permanent bonding, it is definitely the icing on the cake, even if you did see it coming. There’s nothing better than a happy ending between lovers, especially when one is being controlled by a Deamhan from hell and the other is as pure and sweet as the driven snow.

Things move along fairly quickly in UNHOLY PURSUITS, so once Arianne and Darien join forces, the reader becomes more riveted as all the hero and heroine have known literally comes crashing down around them. The reader grows anxious to see what will transpire as the Deamhans find their way through the portal, intent on exterminating the Latros people, then making a valiant effort to claim Earth as their own.

The ending of this story clearly leaves the reader hoping for a sequel that will answer a few of the questions that still linger. Yet, whether that happens or not, the reader is certain to enjoy the experience of UNHOLY PURSUITS.

If one enjoys fantasies, magic, and the conflicts between good and evil, then UNHOLY PURSUITS is a definite read. With all the sparkle and wit between Arianne and Darien, the reader is certain to be captured by this duo as they continually joust against their affection for one another, then again as they fight the forces of evil, intent on winning.

If a person is looking for a fulfilling way to spend an afternoon, then one will clearly find everything they would want in UNHOLY PURSUITS.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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