Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BLOOD OF THE PRIDE by Sheryl Nantus

Publisher: Carina Press
Date published: February 2012
ISBN 9781426893193
Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via publisher

Sheryl Nantus’ BLOOD OF THE PRIDE is a tale of murder mingled with mystery in a secret feline society that will scratch that itch for romance.

Outcast cat shifter and private investigator Rebecca Desjardin has been summoned home to investigate the murder of one of her Pride after a local tabloid prints a picture of the deceased in partial shift and threatens to reveal their existence.

When Rebecca joins forces with investigative reporter Brandon Hanover, their heated attraction makes it harder and harder for Rebecca to keep the existence of her shifter society a secret, especially when their investigation leads them right back to the Pride.

Sheryl Nantus’ BLOOD OF THE PRIDE is a mystery with some teeth to it, and fur and whiskers too it seems. The feline society Nantus has built is secretive and somewhat primitive in its dealing with discipline within the Pride. Their small minded thinking has caused misunderstanding to lead to murder and now their entire society is in jeopardy of exposure.

The characters are entertaining. While Brandon is surprisingly accepting of his girlfriend getting furry every now and then, Rebecca has a hard time believing they have what it takes to last. Brandon is strong and intelligent with a nose for investigating. Rebecca is world weary and has trust issues, but she is also resilient and full of spit and vinegar. These two characters play off each other beautifully. They also make a terrific investigative team. The lesser characters, the members of the Pride, nicely set up future story possibilities.

The story moves at an even pace and the mystery is slowly revealed as the romance of Rebecca and Brandon develops. All in all, Sheryl Nantus’ BLOOD OF THE PRIDE is a shifter romantic mystery that paranormal fans should find quite satisfying.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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