Monday, March 19, 2012

DOWN AND DIRTY by G. A. Hauser

Publisher: The G. A. Hauser Collection LLC Publication
Date Published: August 18th, 2011
ISBN 9781463510732
MMM Contemporary BDSM
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

For Art Professor Jean DeLac, his hidden fantasies were just that-hidden, from everyone he knew. Until the day he decided to get a small tattoo and meets Harry and Clyde Callahan. These two were the hottest guys he's ever known and so different from him. They were big, brawny and luscious. Something proper Jean always dreamed of. One night of fantastic sex leads Jean to the two men who will change his life. Can Jean accept that being shared between the two Callahan brothers means getting DOWN AND DIRTY?

This was the first book from G. A. Hauser I read and I got to admit, I am going back for more. DOWN AND DIRTY was so hot, I was afraid my computer would combust immediately. The sparks between Jean, Harry and Clyde were generating had me wonder if I needed flame resistant material on. I definitely think you need a bucket of ice nearby or your significant other to help ease the tension from reading this one.

Author G. A. Hauser is a talented and wonderful author who knows how to create eclectic characters that mesh well together. The characters are well rounded, have hidden depths that the reader just itches to discover, layer by layer and such sizzling sexual tension, you could cut it with a knife. The writing was tight and story flowed nicely. The sex scenes helped enhance the connection between Harry, Clyde and Jean perfectly. They didn’t take over the story as some others do but enhanced the complex relationship growing between the three men.

Meet Jean DeLac. A professor at a local collage, he decides to get one of his drawings in a tattoo. When he walks into Down and Dirty and meets Harry Callahan…all he can think is that his imagination was so wrong. From there he embarks on a sexual journey that will leave him reeling even as he starts to fall for the one man who stirs feeling of something much more than lust. All I can say is when Jean, Harry and the rest of the cast in DOWN AND DIRTY came onto the pages; I was enthralled till the very end. Jean was sweet, eager to please and literally had me rooting for him to get his happy ever after in the end. Harry and Clyde Callahan were tattooed gods who had my blood simmering through the entire book. Sexy, each different from the other and wickedly sensual, I felt the deep connection between the two and the conflict it caused Jean at different times. The author does a good job in creating a tension that grew through the book between Jean, Clyde and Harry. I won’t say what it may be or what happened. You will just have to go get the book. There were a few secondary characters that kept the story flowing nicely but it was mainly all about Jean’s relationship with the Callahan brothers.

If you like your books naughty, erotic and quite decadent then I recommend DOWN AND DIRTY for your reading pleasure. I can not wait to try out another of this author’s books in the future. This author now has a new fan and I plan to check out other books in her backlist. DOWN AND DIRTY is just that a dirty, dirty book and one I fell in love with. I hope the author comes back for more DOWN AND DIRTY fun in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.


GA Hauser said...

Thank you for the incredible review!!

GA Hauser said...

Thank you for the wonderful review! GA