Friday, March 23, 2012

SALAD ON THE SIDE by Karenna Colcroft

Book 1 in Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat Series
Publisher: MLR Press
Date published: June 20th, 2011
ISBN 9781608203550
Contemporary Paranormal M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Kyle Slidell has a good job, a new apartment and lusts after his next door neighbor, Tobias. He has only met a few of his neighbors so when Tobias invites him to a ‘Welcome to the neighborhood’ BBQ, Kyle decides to enjoy himself. Until a few nights later he is attacked in the garden and finds out that Tobias and his neighbors are also werewolves. Now Kyle is one too. Can a vegan werewolf find a way to survive in a world where blood, alpha males and more are the norm?

Karenna Colcroft takes the paranormal werewolf myth and turns it on its ear with a vegan man turned werewolf who has to figure out how to stay true to himself even as Kyle tries to adjust to being a werewolf-a vegan one at that. The writing is tight, the story flows smoothly and the author does a great job in letting the reader see how the packs live & work. At times, though, it got to be a little repetitive to read everything on what Kyle was experiencing over and over. But after awhile it smoothed out and it got really interesting as Kyle found his feet, so to speak, in Tobias’s pack and as he fell in love with him. This was one of the first books I have read by this author and by far not the last. With humor, romance, simmering sexual tension and action-in and out of the bedroom-SALAD ON THE SIDE delivers a fun, sexy tale of two people finding they are perfect for one another.

Kyle and Tobias were perfect for one another though in the beginning I was eager to thump Tobias on the head for being so mysterious around Kyle and he only admitted the truth when Kyle became a werewolf. Tobias was a people pleaser and though I enjoyed his ‘no violence’ way of running his pack, it did get a little annoying in the story to see his indecision at times in key plot points. I actually wanted to shake Tobias and yell ‘get on with it, man and stop talking.’ But thankfully, the author does a good job in the end to get Tobias into the action of the storyline. The secondary characters were enjoyable and moved the story along nicely.

SALAD ON THE SIDE is a fun new take on the werewolf story that had me laughing one minute and sighing in delight the next. If you enjoy an alpha werewolf, mysteries, and a unique vegan werewolf with hang ups, then grab this latest book and settle in for some enjoyable reading time. I look forward to seeing if this author continues Tobias and Kyle’s story in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Ashlyn Chase said...

I love quirky characters and Karenna is awesome! Will look for this one.