Friday, April 13, 2012

KREWE DADDY by Margie Church

Sequel to Hard As Teak
Publisher: Noble Romance
Date published. February 26th, 2012
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-Purchase

Luis is a much sought after Daddy, a lover who is well liked and wanted by many but Luis’s lifestyle is wearing him out. He has no idea how to jump off the social life he has lived for so many years. Can finding the one man who left him, amid bitter accusations and long pent up passion be able to help Luis find the peace he craves?

Drew left Luis six years before when his insecurities over his relationship with Luis got the better of him and he had an affair. Now he is unable to commit to anyone and though he tries to forget Luis, the man has a hold onto his heart that no one else ever had. When they finally meet again, instead of saying ‘Hi, how are you?’ snarky comments and more fly out by them both. Can these two find a way to bridge the gap between them before they lose the one good thing in their life-each other?

When I heard the secondary character from HARD AS TEAK had gotten his own story, I was jumping for joy. Drew was funny, sexy and lovable in the first book and he also had secrets that I, as a reader, wanted to find out more of. Margie Church delivers a story that will alternately thrill you and make you cry. The story itself is like riding a roller coaster of emotions. You smile, sigh, shout and swear as Luis and Drew find their way back to one another. Margie Church is a talented author who knows how to write an angst filled, simmering sexual tension, story that leaves you gasping for air. It has suspense, sex that is at times tender and then hot as Hades and a love that won’t be denied.

Meet Drew. When he was with Luis, the lifestyle Luis led made Drew’s insecurities flare uncontrollably and on one particular night, Drew gave in to them. One affair later, Drew walks away from Luis amid harsh and bitter words, leaving behind a man who holds his heart completely. Now six years later, Drew has grown, matured (or he hopes anyways) and is incredibly lonely. He wants what his friends Mark and Teak have yet he is afraid of letting anyone in since Luis broke his heart. I loved Drew in HARD AS TEAK but here in KREWE DADDY, he shines. Margie Church creates a character that is multi-dimensional, intriguing and also complex. Drew is a person I would love to meet and be friends with. Luis at first just irritated me. He was full of arrogance, pride and ego and that turned me off a bit. What surprised me was how that melted away when he finds himself searching for Drew mid-way through the book. Then the readers see the real man behind the name. That was when he stole my heart completely. The sparks fly the minute these two meet up again and man, I was sweating at times as Drew and Luis tried to work out their past in order to see if they had a future together. There were a few secondary characters that had me grinning at times as well as gnashing my teeth in order not to kill them. They were well written and moved the story along as well.

KREWE DADDY is more than a story about Mardi Gras but a story of two people finding that love can be strong, true and enjoyable the second time around. With each page of this latest book of Ms. Church’s, the reader is pulled in the story, having them fall in love with the characters and learning along with Luis and Drew that love is indeed sweeter the second time around.

Very well done, Ms. Church. I am eager to see what else you have in store for your readers in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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