Friday, April 6, 2012

LOVING JACOB by Lee Brazil

Publisher: Breathless Press
Date published: November 3rd, 2011
ISBN 9781926930626
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-Purchase

Malcolm Jenner never anticipated his sexy fling with Jacob would deepen into something much more…until he finds himself in danger of losing the one man he fell in love with. Jacob is sweet, sexy and more in Malcolm’s eyes. Malcolm wants it to be a temporary fling but there is something about Jacob that calls to the hidden recesses of his heart. But Jacob isn’t willing to be anyone’s ‘dirty little secret’ and wants a forever relationship. Neither wants to change their minds but when love comes into the mix, things change between these two. Can Malcolm and Jacob find the way to listen to their hearts in order to get their happily ever after?

Lee Brazil is a talented storyteller. One that has this readers going “OH MY GOD!” with each story he pens. LOVING JACOB is more than a man meets man, falls in love, sort of story. It’s one where two people have to find their way in a relationship that started out as lust and passion and turns to love even as their relationship becomes more complicated than both anticipate. Lee Brazil does a wonderful job creating flawed, enjoyable characters that the reader falls in love with. Both Malcolm and Jacob have issues that eventually come out to the reader that makes them relatable to me. The story is fast paced and the writing is tight. This is Lee Brazil in his storytelling glory.

Meet Malcolm Jenner. He did the correct thing and married Penny, had a son and has a career in law even though he knows he is gay. He has an arrangement with Penny-he can have his flings but be discreet. It works for Malcolm until he spies Jacob at the office and finds himself falling into lust with the younger man. Malcolm took a little to warm up to as a reader. He comes across as, at first, a man who gets what he wants but the fall out with Jacob in the story left me seeing him in new eyes. This author does a wonderful job in conveying Malcolm’s confusion, sorrow and anger-at himself, at others-within the pages of LOVING JACOB. Jacob is a young man who knows what he wants. He wants that fairytale relationship-Prince Charming, white picket fence and a loving relationship. He wanted Malcolm. Both wanted to change the other’s mind on what their relationship should be but sometimes love and life don’t always work the way you want it. Jacob was a bit na├»ve at times but he grew on me. I loved the dynamics between these two characters and the secondary characters helped give that storyline a little something extra.

LOVING JACOB is a powerful, emotional story that leaves you breathless in the end. It is more than a story of falling in love; it’s also about finding yourself even when you fall on dark times. This author does a fabulous job in creating a set of characters that steal your heart in every way. If you enjoy a beautiful told story that touches your every emotion, then I highly recommend LOVING JACOB by Lee Brazil. I am eager to see what else this author has in store for his readers in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Havan said...

I love the intricacy of this book - and the fact that it shows love on so many different levels - not just between the two MCs either. Great read and great review!