Thursday, April 5, 2012


Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Date published: February 2012
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

CIA Assassin Aiden Johnson, is a complete professional in all manner on the job but when his latest job has him getting a blow job from a co-worker in order to evade the bad guys, he is shocked to find his desires for men come out from behind a locked box in his mind. Now back home, recuperating and trying to get his bearings, Aiden finds that he can’t keep denying himself any longer. He is gay and will have to figure out what he needs and wants in life. A chance meeting with Doctor Trace Williams blows him away. Trace is sweet, nice and has crazy hours as a doctor but there is something between them that will force Aiden into letting himself be who he is for the first time. But when Aiden’s job comes between them, can their burgeoning relationship take the heat or will it crumble away from the weight of what Aiden does and believes in?

Sara York delivers a beautiful and brutal story of a man fighting inner demons as he tries to save the world, one bad guy at a time. NOT THAT TYPE OF GUY is a strong, emotional story that will blow you away and make you long for more. Sara York is a wonderful storyteller who knows how to keep you captivated till the very end and then ask for more. The writing was tight, story flowed smoothly and the characters are very well defined. I really enjoyed Trace and Aiden as well as the cast of secondary characters who kept the story flowing.

Meet Aiden Johnson. A CIA Assassin, he knows how to do get the job done-whatever the costs. What he never anticipates is being pushed up against a bathroom stall by a co-worker and finding that the desires he kept under lock and key were let loose with the swipe of a tongue. Now Aiden has to figure himself out even as he tries to resist the urges he has so long denied. Meeting Trace Williams has him perplexed and confused. Can Aiden find a way to accept who he is as he finds himself falling for Trace? I loved Aiden and Trace together. Both are fallible, have vulnerabilities and are equally strong in their own right. Trace loves life and is an open gay man. Aiden is afraid to come out of the closet; denial has been his friend and is afraid he will lose his career if it gets out. Both are equals yet they also have vulnerabilities when their hearts get involved. This is an author who isn’t afraid to show readers the characters dark side. You get a sense of who these characters are right out of the gate, so to speak, warts and all. I really enjoyed finding out what makes these two tick in the story, individually and as a couple. There are scenes that may not appeal to some people and in my opinion, just enhanced the storyline. You get to see Trace and Aiden in action in their respective jobs and I enjoyed seeing their many sides of their personalities.

NOT THAT TYPE OF GUY is a sexy, haunting tale that leaves you breathless in the end. The sex scenes are hot yet tender between Aiden and Trace and I am hoping this author comes back to them in the future. I would love to know more about their lives together. If you enjoy hot CIA operatives, a hunky doctor along with mystery, emotional issues and intense situations then grab this latest from Sara York and settle in for a rousing good time.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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