Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TOUCH OF FROST by Jennifer Estep

Book 1 in Mythos Academy series
Publisher: Kensington Books
Date published: July 26th, 2011
ISBN 9780758266927
Urban Fantasy Young Adult
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Self-Purchase

Gwen Frost is different. She goes to a really different kind of high school, one where myths and legends come alive as magic goes through the place. But Gwen has a gift of Psychometry, where she can get the history of an object just by touching it and finds herself in hot water. First, there was a murder-mean girl Jasmine Ashton was killed in the museum of antiquities and now the Bowl of Tears is missing. If Gwen doesn’t find answers fast of Jasmine’s murder and the theft of the bowl will be the least of her problems.

I love Jennifer Estep’s adult series, Elemental Assassin, and was thrilled to see she has a young adult series as well. TOUCH OF FROST is her debut in the young adult/urban fantasy genre and is full of wonderful surprises. From intriguing characters to a story line that picks up steam as it goes sucking you in to a mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat, TOUCH OF FROST delivers a unique blend of mystery, and character led story and mythology all rolled up in the Mythos Academy Series. Jennifer Estep is a fabulously talented author who knows how to keep her readers intrigued till the very end. With the right blend of twists, mythology and more, this author delivers a stellar introduction into the Mythos Academy and all the characters.

Meet Gwen Frost. Always a bit different, she is a gypsy like her mother before her and with the power of Psychometry, she touches an object and knows its history-good, bad and in between. She is sent to the Mythos Academy, a place where legends, myths and magic roam freely. This author does a beautiful job in linking and creating back stories for the Greek and Norse gods/goddesses. I love mythology and this author did a good job in making them come alive for me. Gwen is a little hard to understand at times though, which is the one bad thing about this book. Granted it’s the first in the series and the author is setting it all up for the reader. I just wish Gwen got a clue so to speak every now and again as she came off as spacey at times, which had me scratching my head. The many characters introduced here kept me intrigued and moved the story along nicely.

TOUCH OF FROST is a satisfying debut into the world of young adult urban fantasy and one series I plan to continue to read. Ms. Estep has another winner in her debut book and I can’t wait to see what happens next for Gwen and all the rest of the Mythos Academy characters. It is highly addicting and one that is worth a second read through. I can’t wait to see what else happens in this magical high school in the future. It’s definitely one worth checking out.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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