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Welcome Guest Author Kayla Jameth/Contest

Please give a warm welcome to Kayla Jameth today.

Contest Information: Kayla is giving away to one lucky reader an ebook copy of Alexios' Fate (available April13th). All you need to do is comment to be entered. Contest ends on April 18th and winner to be announced in this post's comments.

How long haveyou been writing? What inspired you to pick the pen up one day and createcharacters that capture the imagination?
I've been writing for justover two years now. My friend Sara asked me to edit some slash for her and weended up co-authoring it. At the time, I was looking for some Samurai Champlooslash, but the ones I could find only used the characters' names and changedeverything else. I was disappointed and commented that even I could writebetter. Sara insisted I prove it. So began my career writing slash under thepen name Kei-chan.

I also have a large numberof m/m author friends on Facebook where I have an even larger collection ofphotos featuring scantily clad men. Several of the authors commented on how thephotos were great for plot bunnies so I started the Inspired Writing groupwhere members could pen a story to go with individual photos. In an effort tobe a good example, I wrote a story for each of them. All of my original worksare photo inspired.

I had never even consideredsubbing anything, but a publisher read one of my pieces and offered to publishme. The rest is, as they say, history.

Whatmakes your characters so vulnerable yet strong? Can you describe themto us? What do you do when characters stop talking to you when writing?
They are normal everydaypeople with all the flaws that go with being human. But just like everyone elsethey can reach deep inside and find the ability to deal with the situationsthey find themselves in. They don't have to be perfect; they just have to beright for each other.

I'm a pantser. I get mystory premise and let the characters tell me their tales.

On those occasions whenthey characters stop talking to me, I go and look at some of my photos ofhotties. If that doesn't work, I read a book or just give up and get some muchneeded sleep. I find that most of my characters get jealous easily. (That's mystory and I'm sticking to it!)

But Alexios never stoppedspeaking to me. I wrote the original draft of Alexios' Fate straight through. Iembellished it dramatically on each successive rewrite, but the additionalmaterial was merely an organic outgrowth of the story itself.

You have some great secondary characters in your books. Will wesee spin offs in regards to them in their own story lines? Do you preferwriting series books over non series or does it matter?
I'mnot planning on any spin offs for the secondary characters in Alexios' Fate.Apollo and his lover Halys will be in subsequent books, but still as secondarycharacters. I have two additional books in the series, called Apollo's Men. Thesecond book follows Alexios and Galen as they solidify their relationship. Thethird book, A Spartan Love, will follow another pair of warriors as they flee Sparta for Delphi where theywill join Alexios and Galen.

Ihave no preferences when it comes to series. Alexios' story line leant itselfto being a series, but all my other works are stand alones.

What do you think is the level of sensuality/heat in your books?What can readers expect from your books with respect to sexual content andsensuality?
Iwrite very explicit m/m sex scenes with lots of graphic details. There are ninesex scenes and two implied scenes in Alexios' Fate. There is also oneunconsummated sensual scene. I don't look for that to change any time soon.

Please tell us about your latest/upcoming release(s). What arethey all about?
Alexios' Fate is about a young Greek prince who has just come ofage during the fifth century BC. Greece was just hitting its stride as thecultural center of the ancient world at that point. During the early years ofthe fifth century, Persia is becoming a threat to the Greekworld, but has not yet invaded. To give you some idea of time frame, Thermopylae and the 300 won't be for nearly anothertwo decades.

I did not set out purposefully to spin a tale of Iron Age
Greece. I was just writing a story in response to one ofthe Inspired Writing photo prompts, featuring a young man chained to a cliffoverlooked by a Greek temple. The photo evoked an m/m retelling of the myth ofAndromeda.

What genre do you write in? Is there a genre youhaven't tried yet but want to in the future?
Atthis point, I've only written m/m romance/erotica. I enjoy science fiction andfantasy, but unless you have really good world crafting and/or a lot of physicsresearch, most stories in those settings suffer. I'm not ready to subjectanyone to that yet.

What is the last line of your last WIP you worked on that youwrote?
"Come,my love, we've got our whole life before us."

What do you do for fun/relax? Any hobbies?
Iused to do cross stitch, but I don't really have the time for that any more. Ilove to read. And surprisingly enough, writing is my creative outlet.

Is there a story that you’d like to tell but youthink the world isn’t ready to receive it?
No,I don't have anything like that.

If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? Andwhy?
Hmmm...I think I will answer that in reverse. There is a lot of me in Halys. He is amischievous, fun-loving, sensual creature not unlike I was during my collegeyears. I wouldn't mind having a second go at that time in my life.

What do you do on a typical writing day?
Forme, a typical writing day doesn't start until the kids are in bed. My work weekis Wednesday through Saturday, so on Mondays and Tuesdays I can do my writingwhile the kids are in school. I usually have my browser open in the backgroundwith a tab for FaceBook, another for, and a third with whatever Ijust finished researching.
SometimesI have a play list going to drown out background noise. I jammed to Niyaz whileworking on Alexios' Fate.

Can you please give us an idea on what you are working on forthe future?
I've already begun the sequel to Alexios' Fate. The lovers attemptto define and solidify their relationship under trying circumstances. Can theysurvive a love triangle?
I've also outlined a third book in the series that will followanother couple fleeing Sparta.

What’s better to write about-perfect characters or flawed ones?And why?
Idon't know if I could write about perfect characters. I don't think I've evermet a perfect person. I think flawed characters are easier to empathize withand love. Perfect characters set my teeth on edge. They just aren't asinteresting.

When you have writer's block how do you break free?
Igo look at all the photos of hot guys I've collected. Sometimes I read or justgive up and settle for a good night's sleep.

Few fun ones:

If you could travel to any time period, where would you and why?
Iwould tour the ancient world to see the Seven Wonders of the World. I love ancient history.

Hollywood has come calling andis interested in Alexios' Fate. You get to pick the actors to play the maincharacters Alexios, Galen, Lykos, and Apollo. What book do you choose and whodo you choose to play these characters?
Youwould ask me something like that! I don't have a clue whom most of the currentactors are. I don't watch TV. Since I have two small children, rarely go tomovies starting hot men. I actually googled "hot male actors" to getthis list. I have no idea if you would know any of them.
Alexios– a young Allu Arjun
Apollo– Freddie Stroma
Ido know the last two and went looking to find their names.
Galen– a young David Chokachi (I liked him in Witchblade, especially the nude scene.)
Lykos– David Wenham from 300 (He also was Faramir from The Lord of the Rings.)

What is your one favorite foods to enjoy?
Just one?! I can't pick just one. I love Philadelphia rolls (sushi), korma,and Thai curry... and spring rolls... and... Ok, I'll stop now.

Any weird cravings when writing?
Do Corbin Fisher videos featuring Travis count?
<sotto voce> Although, I wouldn't call that weird.

Anything else to add?
Be sure to stop by and say hi to me on Facebook, Twitter, my blog,etc. I love hearing from everyone.
Alexios' Fate
Apollo's Men book 1
Release date: April 13th

The mature King Lykos has asexy confidence that turns Alexios' head. Seduced by Lykos, Prince Alexiosdiscovers a world of men he's never known before.
Meanwhile his slave Galenhas gotten tired of waiting in the wings. He sets out to woo Alexios and winhis heart.

Even Apollo can't leaveAlexios alone. The young prince finds himself pursued by a god and in danger ofa perilous love.

How will Alexios follow hisheart when he unwittingly wins the favor of a god? Can Alexios escape the fateof Apollo's past lovers and have the man he wants?



Kiru Taye said...

Hi Kayla, congrats on your book release. I love that it's set in Ancient Greece and certainly looks HOT. I'd love to read it.

PaParanormalFan said...

Hello Kayla,

Thank you to “Welcome to Love Romance & More” for hosting Kayla Jameth with her new release “Alexios' Fate”, on your Blog today & Thank You Kayla for taking time out of your busy day to spend with have sure gained a Fan with Me!!!!!

I really enjoyed your Interview, thank you for sharing so much about yourself & your writing. My favorite Genre is M/M Erotic Romance & after reading your Excerpts on your Blog, OMG you Turned the Heat UP sooooo HIGH, I Needed to FAN Myself!!!! I made sure I’m a GFC Follower & Follow Your Blog under my name of: PaParanormalFan! I wish you had a Newsletter or News Group; I would have joined that as well. Unfortunately I’m not a Member of Twitter or Facebook, so I cannot join there.

I just LOVED your Inspiration for “Alexios' Fate”, King Lykos & Galen. WoooHooo they are some HOT ManCandy!!!! Thank you for sharing! They would be an inspiration for MANY things for Me!!! ;) LOL I’m sooooo Bad!!! LOL

I can’t wait to read “Alexios' Fate”, your M/M Erotic Romance set in Historical Ancient Greece. Just your Blog Excerpt was soooooo Drool-Worthy, Panty-Melting, Smokin’ HAWT...I’ll have to be hosed down with Ice Water after reading your Book. ;) LOL Ohhhh I’m NOT complaining one bit!!! ;) I’m actually THRILLED because after reading your Interview I know you have 2 more Books planned...
Apollo's Men Book Two
A Spartan Love Book Three
...& I will be getting those 2 Books as well.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway for an ebook copy of “Alexios' Fate”. Thank You from your new Fan!!!

Take Care Kayla, Wishing You All the Best & Stay Naughty ;)
PaParanormalFan Renee’ S.
paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

Kayla Jameth said...

Thank you, Kiru.
I love the ancient world and the way humans were in some ways closer to their world than we are now. I tried to bring that out in this story through the use of Apollo and Halys. It's a more primitive world.
I hope you enjoy it.

Kayla Jameth said...

Hi Renee!

Wow! I don't know if I will be able to live up to all of that. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed my excerpts. I do write very detailed explicit scenes.

I also post man candy on my Facebook acct as well as my blog. There are two slide shows on the blog itself for those who enjoy the male form.

Thank you so much for your well wishes.

dorome said...

Congratulations Kayla! I enjoyed many of your excerpts and Alexios Fate is surely on my Books-2-read list.

Kayla Jameth said...

Thank you, Dorome. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

DawnsReadingNook said...

PaParnormal Fan, Renee is Kayla's winner. Congrats Kayla.