Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Finding Peace Book 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Date published: February 2012
ISBN 9781920501365
Contemporary M/M
Obtained via Self-Purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

David McCourt knows all about pain and loss. Losing his family, dealing with the scars-physical and emotional and now after transferring to Capstone Ridge University, David feels he finally has a chance to start anew. Meeting his new roommate Bobby, David finds himself Bobby’s new pet project as he slowly comes out of his shell and finds some wonderful friends in the process. Until something happens that cause David to be at a crossroads- does he continue on, learning to live again or let the pain sweep him away forever?

All I can say is that Freddy MacKay’s novel, BEGINNING AGIN, is very intense, very emotional and quite enjoyable. The story is full of emotional highs and lows, writing is tight and the characters-that is where the pure enjoyment is, in my humble opinion. They are diverse and quite relatable. I loved how the author has so many different personalities in play as secondary characters yet the story doesn’t have that feel of needing a score card to keep everyone straight either. This for the record is what I really liked about BEGINNING AGAIN. The fact I didn’t need that score card and a storyline that sucks you in from the first chapter and doesn’t spit you out until the very end. I do want to caution readers, this is not a happily ever after type of story.

David McCourt is a man tormented by his past and trying to move forward with is life has been tough. I fell for this private, emotional & physically damaged man the moment he stepped onto the pages. This author really lets her characters shine and step in front of the lights in BEGINNING AGAIN. With each page, I fell under David, Bobby and the other characters steal my heart. The author does a wonderful job in creating characters that are flawed yet strong, with vulnerabilities beneath the heartbreak and swagger. The secondary characters keep the story moving nicely and complemented David perfectly.

BEGINNING AGAIN is a heartfelt story that tugs the heart and though the ending isn’t the traditional happily ever after I was pleased to see the continuing story of David McCourt and his friend/lovers coming in the future by this talented author. If you are looking for a strong, heart stealing story to enjoy, I highly recommend BEGINNING AGAIN and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure. I look forward to seeing what else this author conjures up in the future for the readers.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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