Friday, June 8, 2012

CARA AND THE DRACA by Louisa Kelley

Publisher: Loose Id
Date published: January 2012
ISBN 9781611186956
Shape-shifter Paranormal
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher

Cara has been licking her wounds for some time now. After a freak warehouse explosion takes the life of her best friend and injures her in the process Cara has hidden herself away from the world. With a push from another dear friend Cara finds herself looking for a famous tattoo parlor that seems to find its clients instead of the other way around. In the hopes of covering her scars Cara finds not only a wonderful tattoo artist but also a wonderful man in Aedhan. Can the two have something together or are they only going to be passing through each other’s lives?

Once again I was drawn into the world of the Draca in this second book of this series. The author does a wonderful job of keeping things fresh as well as giving readers who are returning to this world a beautiful read. I loved Cara she is a strong woman who fights for herself and does not run when things begin to get strange with Aedhan. No matter how much Aedhan cares about his mission and his kind, the love that he feels for Cara becomes just as important if not more. The sparks fly right from the start between these two and watching it grow into so much more was a great read. I enjoyed watching Aedhan wrestle with his honor and his love. Seeing the depth of the bond that Cara and Aedhan have, made for a wonderful story. Louisa Kelley does a wonderful job of intertwining the romance along with the action in this book. I was enthralled with this story right from the start and I did not want to leave until I found out what was in store for Cara and Aedhan and being able to visit with Baelon was an added bonus I hope that he gets his own story soon.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Louisa Kelley said...

Thank you very much Gabrielle for this wonderful review of my book! Book three (and the conclusion of the series) is in process!
Louisa Kelley