Friday, June 1, 2012


Publisher: Torquere Press
Date published: 04/25/12
ISBN 9781610406819
Gay erotic paranormal.
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher

One night Detective John Hamdon hits a dog with his car. But it’s a wolf. Actually it’s a sexy, naked young man. John thought his life was a tad complicated before, but now he’s really confused. He has to have imagined that. Right? Then the same young man turns up, clothed and even sexier, as the newest member of the police department. Detective RenĂ© Bast is from New Orleans and has no paperwork thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Bast definitely wants John, but John is sure Bast is tied to a Chicago crime lord.

I enjoyed this book. It grabs the reader by throat with the prologue and holds their attention to the very last page. Ms. Morrow has included some brilliantly witty retorts and one liners guaranteed to make the reader laugh out loud, and an excellent means of de-stressing from the more serious parts of the story.
The world-building is very good. I particularly liked the way the author linked the paranormal aspects with slivers of history, neatly validating both things in the same sentence. The wolf/loup garou history, enmity between dogs and cats and other facets of the story was clever world building uniting facts and fiction (or myths) in a totally believable way.

Hamdon and Bast are well-drawn characters with multiple layers and very real attitudes, thoughts and feelings. Both are appealing although flawed, in a completely realistic way. Some of the minor characters were excellent foils too. I appreciated the way the team took the situation into their own hands at one stage, and their reactions to a death later were also well done.

A good read, and I’ll definitely remember some of the smart-ass lines.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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