Thursday, June 21, 2012


Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Date published: 2012
ISBN 9781613332702
Erotic, contemporary, paranormal, menage, interracial, urban fantasy
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via Publisher

Gwen’s abusive ex-husband has scarred her physically and emotionally. She’s learned martial arts to protect herself, but finding out he’s remarrying on her birthday upsets her more than she’d have imagined. She contacts Madame Evangeline to arrange for herself a 1 Night Stand that will give her all the romance she can want.

Identical twins Tatsu and Yong have a most unusual problem. Their grandfather has a suggestion that may help them both survive, so they too require a 1 Night Stand. They all have secrets to hide, and the arrival of Gwen’s ex on the scene is an added complication.

This is a fast-paced little paranormal read, that’s a lot of fun. Gwen and her friend, Cindy, are excellently drawn and the reader can’t help but laugh and cry along with them. We never meet the grandfather, but nonetheless he’s a very real character. There’s plenty of plot in such a short read, yet Ms. Willows has also managed to give us some great romance and sex, and characters we want to find happiness. I’d be interested in seeing more books about these characters, giving Cindy, and maybe even Katrina their own stories.

The plot relies on a few coincidences, but in such a short book I think they work out okay. And I love the hint that Madame Evangeline may know a whole lot more than she’s been told. That builds enthusiasm for this entire line of stories. I’ve enjoyed several books from the 1Night Stand series and will be looking for more.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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