Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Publisher: Harper Collins
Date published: September 27, 2011
ISBN 9780062046680
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher.

Wyatt Blaine has suffered enough tragedy to last him a lifetime. When his wife and son are tragically killed by a drunk driver, he feels he can never get over it...or forgive himself for his part in it.

When the wife of the man responsible for his family’s death, Gabby Powers, walks into Wyatt’s life, seeking help for her troubled son, Trevor, he amazes himself by telling her yes. That he is attracted to her doesn’t make him feel any better about his tragic loss. But, over time, as he comes to know her and Trevor, when Trevor is allowed a chance to improve his own life by becoming part of New Beginnings, an equine therapy program started by Wyatt’s deceased wife, he finds himself softening toward them, as they slowly find their way, unbidden, into his heart.

IF WISHES WERE HORSES by Robert Barclay is a wonderfully sweet romance that I loved. Well-written and heartwarming, it kept me turning the pages till the end. Although predictable, it still captured my heart and drew me into the plot.

I loved the characters in IF WISHES WERE HORSES. Our hero, Wyatt Blaine, is many a girl’s dream. Rich, handsome, intelligent, and as rugged as any cowboy would be, he easily makes a way into the reader’s heart, especially with the tragedy associated with him. Gabby Powers, on the other hand is beautiful and kind, although she does have her moments, when she gets upset and snarls at Wyatt for his pigheadedness. Many women of today aren’t all peaches and cream, and Gabby is quick to let us know that she can be assertive when she needs to be. I like that about her.

Trevor, Gabby’s son, is sure to find a way into the reader’s heart. Troubled by the unexpected loss of his father, he is representative of many of today’s youth who are quick to blind themselves to the truth of certain situations. Trevor is no different, and it is wonderful that he is able to get involved with a program that helps him readjust his beliefs and his life-style. I thoroughly loved his James Dean image in the beginning, but enjoyed his inevitable transformation by story’s end.

The minor characters, especially Ram, Mercy, and Aunt Lou seemed typical of those used to being on a ranch, and I really like them, too. Aunt Lou’s cooking makes one want to wander in and sample what she has to offer. That is what is great about IF WISHES WERE HORSES. It pulls you in, in a way that makes you wish you were there, too, eating the food, riding the horses, and enjoying the company. Throwing in an alligator or two wasn’t such a bad thing either.

Barclay has a great talent, and I cannot stress how much I enjoyed IF WISHES WERE HORSES. I thought everything balanced out enough and gave us enough excitement to upset things and see the reader through to the end.

If anyone is looking for a great summer read, then I would highly recommend IF WISHES WERE HORSES. It is a tasteful, enjoyable romance that anyone who yearns for a good, heartwarming read will be sure to take delight in. I look forward to more of Barclay’s work in future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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