Wednesday, July 4, 2012


For our 11th annual Golden Rose Awards and we will again be running a contest to find out who is the best of the best in writing. We will again this year have five categories with a maximum of 10 entries in each category. What makes our contest different is that your entire book is read by a panel of judges.

~Contemporary Romance
~Paranormal/Sci Fi
~Romantic Suspense/Mystery

One staff reviewer will judge each book, with 3 additional judges per category. We have a comprehensive, yet easy to complete score sheet for each category. At the end, all votes will be tallied for a "best of" in each of our five categories. The winner of each category will have a page on our blog to showcase their winning book and talk a bit about themselves -- the page stays up for a year.

Readers: Do you like to read and have time to read 4-5 books by between August 1st and August 31st? Would you like to help judge the LR&M Golden Roses? We welcome all readers, authors and editors to help find out who the best of the best will be!

CAVEAT: Some entries may be M/M, F/F or menage trois. All judges must be 18+ and agree to be impartial to friends, family and other authors.

Want to be a judge? Email with your preferred genre, followed by your second choice. You will be invited to join a private yahoo group where information will be shared. Books will be emailed privately when our reading period begins (approximately August 1st, or when a category becomes filled).

Authors: Want to enter a book? Email to receive a entry form! We will send you an entry form with further details!

*This contest is only open to books published for the first time in 2011.
*You must have full rights of the book to send for contests/reviews.
*You will need to provide LR&M with 5 copies of the book or the rights to duplicate an e-copy.
*All entry forms and $5 entry fees are due by July 28, 2012.
*All books must be received by August 1, 2012
* Winners will have a page on the Love Romances and More blog for the coming year showcasing their winning book, cover and bio.

*All winners will also receive a button that can be posted on their website announcing they have won!

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