Thursday, August 9, 2012


Publisher: Berkley Trade
Date published: April 5th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-23995-7
Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Publisher

Thea Celik married the wrong brother, breaking his heart. Fifteen years later, she finds herself divorced with a daughter to raise when her husband, Jonathan, has an affair. Now Thea is determined to be the woman she always thought she could be. Now trying to find her place in the world-free of marriage bonds, Thea finds her attraction to Jonathon’s brother Garret is as strong as ever. Can Thea and Garret find a way to work things out and see if the love they have together will bloom amid disapproving families?

I absolutely adored SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER and the way this author created a storyline that had a few plot twists that had me going ‘Oh my god!’ a lot as I flipped the pages. The story had me turning the pages just to see what would happen next for Thea and Garret. The writing was tight, storyline was enjoyable and though at first, the switches in point of views annoyed me, I really enjoyed it after awhile. The coffee facts were fun to know.

Meet Thea. She settles for safe Jonathon Sorenson as her love, Garret Sorenson was considered to ounruly and unpredictable. Fast forward fifteen years and Thea finds her marriage imploding as her husband Jonathon has an affair to get out of the marriage and Thea is determined not to tell anyone, including her beloved in-laws what really took place. Thea was a woman who I enjoyed meeting and getting to know. She was a woman who finally figured out her worth after her divorce and was determined to enjoy life in any way she can. She was multi-dimensional, entertaining and enjoyable. The brothers were as different as night is to day and I couldn’t root for just one brother. Both were equally endearing and I could see Thea with both men.

SLOW DANCE AT PRICE’S PIER is a delightful tale of a woman coming into her own, finding her feet in life and learning that love like the one she had is worth fighting for. If you are looking for a wonderful well written story to enjoy on a lazy Sunday afternoon, then grab SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER and settle in for wonderful afternoon of reading entertainment.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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