Monday, August 27, 2012


Mixed Mates Series, Book 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Date published: June 8, 2012
ISBN 9781614956181
Paranormal, M/M, Shape-Shifters
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Self-purchase

When his brother-in-law, Cyrus, asks Peter, the alpha of the werewolf pack if he can have his brother stay for a bit, Peter thinks no big deal, until Justin rolls up on a motorcycle and knocks him flat on his ass. This bad boy wizard is more than a pretty face and Peter finds out his destined mate is none other than Justin-the one man on the run from a power mad wizard ex-lover with an agenda of wiping out the entire shifter species. Justin brings danger to Peter’s pack but help comes in a form of the unexpected and as Peter and Justin find out, sometimes the unexpected can deliver the greatest results.

When I read this on Amber Kell’s blog as part of her blog story, I was itching to see it in full story mode. I was thrilled to see it come true and THE WIZARD AND THE WEREWOLF is all that and more. Action packed, tilt a whirl kind of story…one I can honestly say had me glued to the pages, giggling one minute, shouting for someone to help the other in a bind as I flipped pages on my e-reader. The writing is tight, characters are intriguing-especially as in this series wizards and werewolves just do not mix well together and a storyline that flowed smoothly right from the start.

Meet Justin. He is on the run from his crazy ass ex-lover, a wizard on a power trip and an agenda-one that includes the use of a very powerful, very old artifact. One Justin is hiding from him. Trouble seems to follow Justin-even in the midst of his brother’s werewolf pack. I really loved Justin. He was a bad boy with a heart of gold. He fit perfectly with Peter. As alpha, Peter has to be the leader but Justin takes that away from him which he enjoys-just not in front of his pack members. The sparks fly the minute these two locked eyes and the sizzling sexual tension almost had me begging for resolution between these two. It got that hot on my e-reader. There are a few intriguing secondary characters and the author leaves the door open for another story in the future, which I am really hoping she will write. The characters are well written though some I felt needed a little more depth to them but otherwise they made the story more enjoyable in the end.

The first book in the Mixed Mates series delivers a high octane ride from start to finish though I caution you, the ending will leave you going “NOOOOO!!!” and scrambling to the author’s website for news on the next book. If you enjoy Amber Kell’s writing and a story full of shifters, wizards and more, then you might enjoy THE WIZARD AND THE WEREWOLF. I can’t wait to see what this author conjures up next for her readers.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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