Thursday, September 6, 2012


Publisher: Silver Publisher
Date published: May 26th, 2012
Fantasy Gay (M/M), Comedy, Time-Travel
Book format: E-Book
Obtained by author
Reviewed by Dawn

Elf Prince Fabian is the best supermodel out there. But when he meets a wizard named Matradorian, well let’s just say the perfect life he had goes up in a puff of smoke. Now he is sent back in time to help his fallen King, Henda, who is grieving for his lover who died. But Fabian is facing obstacles at every turn because when he finds out that by helping the king recover, he just may have wiped himself out in his own time period. Can this supermodel elf find a way to go back to his time or will he be stuck in the time where he is just a normal elf?

S. A. Garcia delivers a fun ride in her latest release, AN ELF FOR ALL CENTURIES. It reminded me a little of the Zoolander movie with Ben Stiller and if you add in a dash of RuPaul’s vivaciousness, well let’s just say the gloves come off and the reader is left, mouth agape and flipping the pages just to see what happens next. The writing is tight, storyline moves swiftly and there is an abundance of humor that had me going “oh no, he didn’t” or “Oh my god, now what?” I loved how this was a different take on elves. Fabian is a brash, self-centered diva who needs to come off his high horse. I loved how this author just lets it all hang out. I snickered, laughed, sighed and laughed some more. This is a perfect story that will cheer you up and leave you breathless at the same time.

Meet Fabian. He is the latest supermodel and he is determined to stay at the top. Life is going well yet when he meets a certain wizard…well lets just say his day went from being bright to downright awful. Transported to the past, he needs to help sexy powerful elf king, Henda, who mourns for his lover and is on the brink of dying. Fabian is one character I absolutely adored. He was funny, brash, determined and was downright naughty at times yet you can get a sense of this character’s heart. There are a lot of laughs right out of the gate and the reader is introduced to a few well written characters who keep you highly entertained till the end.

AN ELF FOR ALL CENTURIES is a well written rollicking fun ride from start to finish. With the right amount of comedy and romance, the reader is treated to a story that will leave you gasping for more. If you are looking for a pick-me up story, then this is definitely for you. I am hoping the reader comes back to the world she has created here and pen another story. I can’t wait to see what else S. A. Garcia has up their sleeves for the future.


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