Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BLUE SKYE by Viki Lyn

Woodland Village Series
Book 1
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Date published: January 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61937-241-2
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (

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Skye Taylor and Drew Adams were once best friends until one night, their friendship changed and fractured beyond repair. Now years later, Skye is living the artist’s life, proud and out as a gay man while Drew has done what his wealthy father wanted and married a woman even though he longs to let his secret desires out in the open. When Skye and Drew cross paths again in Woodland Village, sparks fly and desire builds between them but problems start to draw near on the horizon. Will Skye and Drew be able to reconnect as friends again or will the life Drew made for himself unravel to the point of no return?

BLUE SKYE is one of those emotionally charged stories I absolutely adore to read. It is full of wonderful characters that we are introduced to here and we get to see just what happened between Drew and Skye. Ms. Lyn is a fabulous storyteller who knows how to keep the tension high and let her characters tell their story. There are a few twists and turns I didn’t anticipate so be aware your jaw will hang open in shock in spots. I know mine did. The story flows smoothly, writing is tight and the characters are out of this world. They are flawed, emotional beings that the reader falls in love with.

Meet Drew and Skye. Two guys who were the best of friends, did everything together and enjoyed their friendship until one night it all changed. One act leaves their friendship fractured beyond repair...or is it? It will take all their strength to figure themselves out and where to go from here when these two cross paths years later. I love Drew and Skye. You get a sense of who they were before the big issue between them and you get a sense of who they are afterward. Their relationship is complex with things being unfinished between them and I loved how this author had the sense to let these two figure it out. There are some characters I detested while I was reading this introduction to the Woodland Village series and I am eager to see what the next two books will be about.

Viki Lyn delivers an emotional story of two people coming to grips with their relationship, their choices and desires that were suppressed. The reader goes on this amazing journey between Drew and Skye and I, for one, didn’t want to get off. The characters are amazingly life like and real with flaws, issues and more they have to deal with. The author does an amazing job in creating these characters and the reader will fall in love with them just as I did. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work in the future.

Run-don’t-walk-to grab BLUE SKYE and settle in for one emotional ride from start to finish. This is an author who is one of my favorites to read and you won’t be disappointed in BLUE SKYE.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.

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