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GREEN-EYED ENVY by Kasey Mackenzie

A Shades of Fury Novel,
Book 2
Publisher: ACE
Date published: June 28th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-441-02049-2
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (

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Marissa ‘Riss’ Halloway is a fury, an arcane race that has delivered justice for many centuries. Now months after her finding out about her past and putting a stop to a supernatural war, she finds herself torn when things heat up again. This time the deaths are occurring among the Bastai, a legendary clan of shape-shifters that many thought where long gone. Now some of these shifters are dying and Riss discovers an unwelcome connection to those deaths and her lover, Scott Murphy, an FBI Agent. Now it’s a race against the clock as she tries to solve this puzzling mystery before the killer sets their sights on Scott.

I loved Red Hot Fury, the first book in the series and my introduction to the Shades of Fury series. Kasey Mackenzie delivers a wonderful follow up to her Fury series in Green-Eyed Envy. This time Riss is trying to figure out a mystery that involves her cousin’s ex-flames and it’s a race against the clock to solve it before Scott is in the crosshairs. The author does a good job in this second book to keep the story moving along. The one complaint I had was there wasn’t any fury action like there was in the first book which I missed in this second book. Riss was an amazing heroine in her introduction to me in Red Hot Fury and I anticipated the same for her in book two but it felt a little off. She just didn’t come across, at times, as a kick butt Fury. I missed that part of Marissa. Her connections to other characters are shown but the author doesn’t go into too much detail and there are a few subplots the reader will enjoy, especially as Riss finds herself torn between two men-FBI Agent Scott and her cousin’s best man, one who intrigues her more than she anticipates or wants to.

This is a perfect beach read or a perfect story to enjoy while it’s raining outside on a lazy afternoon. The characters are intriguing though I have got to admit there are many in this book and I loved the many different paranormal creatures that pop up. Riss is a relatable character as she struggles with her knee injury and her growing relationship with Scott. I really enjoyed the humor that is sprinkled throughout the book and the reader will find themselves charmed by Green-Eyed Envy.

Ms. Mackenzie is an up and coming author who is one I anticipate to read more of in the future. GREEN-EYED ENVY is one of those wonderful stories that leave you wanting more stories set in this world. I cannot wait to read the third book soon and hope Marissa is back to her Fury butt kicking self again.

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