Monday, September 10, 2012

INKED MAGIC by Jory Strong

Publisher: Berkeley Heat
Date published: February 7th, 2012
ISBN. 978-0-425-24537-8
Fantasy/Urban Fantasy Ménage
Obtained by publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

For tattoo artist Etain, once she touches something or someone, she can see who is guilty and draw from them that memory alone, even if she has never met them before. But there is something otherworldly about Etain and now at odds with her father & brother, she stumbles across the truth of who she is. What she finds out puts her in the path of two very different men and both will try to sweep her away from the other. But Etain is finding that unless she pays magic’s price, she won’t find peace or have a future with the two men who are slowly stealing her heart.

INKED MAGIC is the first book by this author I read and it is quite a different kind of story. Part fantasy, part mystery and the world building is quite intriguing. The one thing I had issues with was the way the story moved along nicely then stumble for several pages then back to smoothness. It was like the author had a hard time listening to her characters while writing it. The story goes from fast paced to slow and steady at times which had me picking up the book and then putting it down repeatedly. It was hard to get into the storyline and to really feel for Etain and her two lovers (a mafia don’s son/nephew and an elven lord). I wished the three characters came together earlier in the storyline. By the time they came together, I was wondering if they could speed it up—just a little, in order to enjoy the different characters fully.

INKED MAGIC felt like it was trying to decide what it wanted to be. Either a sexy erotic fantasy, a fantasy with mystery elements or something else. The world building is pretty good at times, though I wish the author was able to keep the momentum going instead of constant stopping and starting. The ending though is where I went “HUH?” and scratched my head in disbelief. I don’t want to spoil it for those who may not have read it but I was quite disappointed at the ending.

INKED MAGIC is something new to me and though I had a few issues with it, it was an ok story. If you enjoy elves, magic, mystery and more, then you may enjoy INKED MAGIC. I will give this author another try and see if I find something that appeals to me more than this one did.


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