Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 10
Publisher: NAL Books
Date published: March 2012
ISBN: 9780451235848
Paranormal Romance
Obtained by publisher
Reviewed by T.Barringer

The latest book in J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series is LOVER REBORN, Tohrment’s story. Having survived the death of his shellan several books ago, Tohr has spent the last few books reeling and his family of brothers is at a loss as to how to help him.

Tohrment has been having dreams of his beloved and their dead child trapped in a netherworld and after consulting their in-house fallen angel, has found he has to set her free or doom her to afterlife in the in-between. While Tohr is attempting to move along with his life, the Blind King’s throne is threatened by a new clan of vampires. And so the drama begins.

J.R Ward is back on her game with her latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book, LOVER REBORN. This reader has to admit to some concern about this book before picking it up. Tohrment and Wellsie were such a romantic and happy couple, that when she died just shy of giving birth, Tohr was beyond grief. He was lost and it was very hard to imagine how Ward was going to find him a second chance at love that was going to be believable and true to the story series. That said, all that worry was for naught. Ward built a solid relationship for Tohr slowly, introducing No’One in a prior book as his adopted son‘s mother-in-law. No’One’s life up to this point was one of despair and torture. She is just now coming to grips with her past and trying to find a place within the life of the daughter she never knew. Her fear of men has kept her an intriguing ghost in the Brotherhood’s home. In LOVER REBORN, we see her begin to trust Tohr as he begins to realize his attraction to her is growing, however mixed his feelings on that subject are.

Of course, as with all the Brotherhood stories, the plotline has several mini-stories going on at the same time, either furthering a prior storyline or setting up one yet to come. Lassiter, the fallen angel, plays a bigger part in this book as he attempts to help Tohr. John and Xhex’ storyline further develops in this book as she begins to bond with her mother and John works through some issues of his own. Quinn and Blay are finally getting close to having their own story. Some of the most poignant moments in this book are scenes with Blay in them. And then there is Layla. She is such a puzzling character; we have run the gamut of emotions with Layla and though she is still very confusing and confused, it sure looks like her and Xcor have some interesting storyline yet to come.

For fans of J.R. Ward, LOVER REBORN has pleasantly surprised those readers who may have been less than happy with a prior book in this series. No one quite does angst ridden vampire heroes the way that Ward is able. If you are wondering if this book is worth your time and money, think no more, it is!


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