Wednesday, September 12, 2012

THE GIRL I USED TO KNOW by Marla Majewski

Publisher: Macam
Date published: August 19, 2011
Genre: Non-fiction, self-help
Obtained via: Publisher/Netgalley
Reviewed by Gina

Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel like you aren’t quite living the life you planned? Where did you make that wrong turn? What got you stuck in place? Would you like to recapture that enthusiasm and get back on track?

It’s not too late.

In her book THE GIRL I USED TO KNOW Marla Majewski asks some tough questions, but does it in a positive way that makes you want to sit down and give some thought to just where you’d like to go from here. The chapters are well written with solid information that, while pretty much focused on women with children in their 30’s, are relevant to not only women but a cross section of age groups. At the end of each chapter are a series of exercises.

THE GIRL I USED TO KNOW is the kind of book that you read through and then go back and work through the exercises. The chapters do not have to be read in order. Rather you can pick and choose the issues or exercises that you need most at a given time. Ms. Majewski tackles some areas we don’t often like to go into such as people who have become a drain on our lives. When you’ve moved on to something new and they cling to how it used to be, they can bring you down or hold you back. She gives the reader permission to move on from that relationship if it isn’t work. Likewise she also has some solid suggestions for decluttering our lives.

This isn’t a book that you read once and move on. Rather it is a great tool for checking in periodically to see where you are at and what you may want to change or recapture in your life. Personally if I had a daughter (or son) about to graduate I’d include it as part of their gift. The feelings and ambitions we feel at 17 or 18 get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. While they may not read or use this book now, pointing out a few of those exercises might help them to stay on track as the years march on.


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