Saturday, October 13, 2012

DARK DESIRE by Christine Feehan

Publisher: Avon
Date published: July 31, 2012
ISBN: 978-0062019431
Paranormal romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher

  For seven long years Jaques has been tortured, staked and chained and left for dead. Somehow he manages to make a physic link to Shea.  Yet he cannot figure out just why he is able to talk to Shea. Thinking that she is the reason for his pain Jaques constantly brings her pain trying to make her free him but once she comes to the Carpathian mountains and frees him Jaques soon realizes that she is his mate. They soon find that they must not only figure out what their feelings are for each other but also the evil that hunts Shea and the traitor amongst the Carpathians.

  This is one, if not my favorite Carpathian Dark Ones book. It is a beautiful love story, so full of emotions and depth. Both Jaques and Shea are both damaged in their own ways and they must fight their way back, holding onto each other for support. Shea is thrown into a whole other world and finds out so much about herself that she did not know. She is a strong woman and finds her strength with Jaques just as he does with her. The two make a wonderful couple and watching their struggles and victories was a wonderful read. Jaques and Shea must work through his insanity. Seven years is a long time and a person does not become whole overnight. We see the two struggle through it at times and it shows us just how much a life mate is needed for the Carpathians and why they are so domineering and protective of their women. Not only do we get Shea and Jaques story but also intertwined in theirs are many pieces to other storylines. From Gregori to Byron to Julian and Aidan many Carpathian males are involved in this book. They will have their stories told but this is our first introduction to them.

Dark Desire is an early book in this series but each time I read it I never fail to loose myself in Shea and Jaques story. It pulls on your heartstrings so strongly that you cannot help but love these two and want them to get their happy ever after.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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