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Publisher:   Avon
Date published:   January 29, 2012
ISBN:  978-0062068538
Genre:   Historical Romance
Book format:  Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina

When Penelope Marbury agreed to marry Michael Bourne she wagered with him that, should she win, he would provide entre to the oh-so very proper marriage mart for her sisters, Olivia and Pippa. Michael agreed and set about doing so. He was able to introduce the lovely Olivia to the man she would wed. Pippa, however, had been courted for quite some time by Lord Robert Castleton. Grateful for Castleton’s courtship…you see Pippa has been deemed odd by society…she accepts his proposal of marriage. As the day looms nearer and nearer, Pippa has second thoughts. Well, not really second thoughts, but intelligent woman and scientist she is, Pippa feels she needs to do a bit of research into just what marriage entails. To that end she seeks out the man which the most informative reputation:  Cross.

Cross is one of the four owners of The Fallen Angel, the very club Bourne is a partner in. When Cross meets Pippa he is torn. She is his match in terms of intelligence and scientific bent but she is also affianced to another. Added to that Cross does not believe for a moment he is entitled to anything truly good in his life or even true happiness. When Pippa pursues her goal of learning about the nuances of marriage from Cross they make a wager. When Pippa loses he sends her on her way…but not for long. Pippa cannot forget the tall ginger haired man or ignore the feelings he evokes in her.

I totally enjoyed A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME, book 1 in Sarah MacLean’s Rules of Scoundrels series and couldn’t wait to delve into book 2, ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER. I set my expectations too high.

A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME was a witty, fast moving, fabulous love story. The humorous side of the story had me chuckling aloud while I read. I loved Penelope’s introspective thoughts. At times I felt ONE GOOD EARL DESEVES A LOVER, was forced. Almost that the author wrote herself into a corner.

Pippa started out amusing and I liked her scientific journal entries but as a character I never warmed up to her. I suppose that could be part of her allure—that she was odd in the story and people generally didn’t warm up to her. But to enjoy a book I need to feel some sort of affinity to a character.

I felt sorry for Cross, especially how Knight pursued him, coming close to destroying him again and again, but he didn’t appear to me as a hero. I have to admit when I read his description of being tall, thin and ginger haired I got an image of Conan O’Brien and was never able to quite shake it.

I did like Castleton and felt sorry for him. I wanted him to have a happy ending. He’s that nice guy that too many women overlook because they want dashing and alpha-sexy. The description of him having “warm brown eyes” endeared him to me.

ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER was a decent read, good for a commute read where you can pick it up and put it down and know where you left off. I’m interested to see what Ms. MacLean does with Temple and Chase’s stories.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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