Sunday, November 18, 2012

DEEP BLUES GOODBYE by Laura Harner/LE Harner & TA Webb

Altered States Series, Book 1
Hot Corner Press
August 16th, 2012
Paranormal Mystery M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Authors

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The world was stunned when they found out that vampires do exist especially since for Detective Travis Boudreaux, letting the world know-and your police captain-know you are a vampire, well let’s just say it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. But now two years have passed and supernatural beings are the norm and the humans are on the side of civil rights for them until a killer decides that isn’t acceptable. Now Travis has to partner up with Detective Sam Garrett, a man who hates all things supernatural, and work together to find a killer, one who kills vampires and humans alike. But for these two detectives, there are lessons to be learned in life and in death as they race against the clock to find a killer before he strikes again.

DEEP BLUES GOODBYE is a story that draws you in, captures your imagination and doesn’t let you go until the very last page is read. TA Webb & Laura (L. E.) Harner are a formidable writing duo and I was enthralled from the beginning as I tried to figure out plot twists and the ‘who done it’ surrounding the killer of vampires and humans. This story has its dark moments, humor and some major tension-sexual and otherwise-between the characters. The tough gritty storyline and it’s about two characters who find themselves learning new lessons about life and death and that second chances are not always what they are made out to be. The writing is tight, story flows swiftly and the reader is drawn into a world where supernatural creatures are the norm nowadays and humans are accepting of them. I have to admit, I fell for these two main characters the minute they stepped onto the pages. Travis and Sam are two people whoa re still searching for the person they know they can be. 

DEEP BLUES GOODBYE is a strong story, a character rich story and one that draws a reader in and doesn’t let go even after the last page is read. These two wonderful authors weave a spell around you as you flip the pages of this first book in the Altered States series and I, for one, am anxious to see more. The ending alone leaves you on the edge of your seat, going, “OH. MY. GOD!” The one thing I wished was that it was longer. This had the potential to being a novel length story and I would have loved to have read it. I have to admit though; I never read the prequel, Altered States but plan to now that I read DEPP BLUES GOODBYE.

If you are looking for a tough, gritty novel with werewolves and vampires who don’t sparkle, then try DEEP BLUES GOODBYE and settle in for the ride of your life. I just hope we won’t have to wait for book two.

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