Monday, November 12, 2012

LIKE NO OTHER LOVER by Julie Anne Long

Publisher:   Avon
Date published:   October 28, 2008
ISBN:  978-0061341595
Genre:   Historical Romance
Book format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Returned from a scientific trip to the South Seas and mysterious disappearance of his elder brother, Lyon, Miles Redmond eagerly awaits his next adventure. His father, patriarch Isaiah Redmond isn’t inclined to finance another exploration for his son despite having the finances to do so quite easily. Shrew and wily, Isaiah has something else in mind for Miles. When a family emergency calls Miles’ parents away on the eve of a two week house party, Isaiah leaves Miles in charge with the admonition to (1) consider courting rather perfect Georgina and (2) to steer clear of his sister, Violet’s friend, Cynthia Brightly. What Isaiah doesn’t know is that Miles has already seen Cynthia and made up his mind to pretend she doesn’t exist. He schools himself to find her uninteresting.

Cynthia needs a husband. Oh she’s not in the family way. Nothing like that. She is, however, penniless with no prospects except to serve a companion to a difficult elderly woman. With barely a shilling in pocket Cynthia journeys to Pennyroyal Green to spend some time with her friend Violet. Oh…and find herself a husband. While Cynthia lists the attributes she is wishing for she has no idea Miles is in earshot and carefully cataloguing everything she says.

Determined to obey his father’s wishes along with the fact that Isaiah believes Georgina’s father just might fund Miles’ newest adventure, Miles graciously conducts the house party. He soon finds, however, that dismissing Miss Brightly isn’t quite so easy.

I had a really hard time reading and finishing Julie Anne Long’s second instalment of her Pennyroyal Green series, LIKE NO OTHER LOVER. Its writing and storyline were on a par with book one, THE PERILS OF PLEASURE, which left me kind of flat as well. The main reason I continued with the series as I read WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE out of order and totally enjoyed it.  WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE is what romance is about. The characters were fabulous, the story line interesting and the romance was toe curling. Clearly Ms. Long has grown as an author from the beginning of this series to the later books. That is always wonderful to see.

I didn’t much care for either Miles or Cynthia in LIKE NO OTHER LOVER. Miles struck me as kind of stupid despite being told he was a brilliant explorer and Cynthia was just unlikeable. The secondary characters came across and buffoons.  I did wonder on and off if perhaps the story was a spoof but saw nothing to indicate that was the intent. I didn’t connect with either of them nor did I feel they connected with each other.

The house party was in a way idyllic.  It reminded me of how far we’ve come from just sitting, talking and playing games like blind man’s bluff for fun and enjoyment.  I wouldn’t mind leaving my computer and the internet behind for a few days and going to the country to partake in a similar party.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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