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A Novel of the Marked Souls, Book 2
Signet Eclipse
June 1st, 2010
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

Liam Niall survived the Irish potato famine and escaped to Chicago where he became a leader of demon-possessed warriors and lost half his soul in the process. He has grown increasingly weary of fighting, of doubting everything and everyone around him and as this growing evil surrounds Liam and his band of warriors, only one thing, one weapon can defeat it…Jilly Chan, a woman who has been facing threats against street kids for years and is independent to boot. Now Liam is asking her to do something far deadlier. To save her demon ridden soul, she needs to be the weapon Liam needs to beat the evil but Jilly won’t be anyone’s weapon or woman but Liam has a plan to win Jilly’s heart and in the process turn Jilly into the weapon he needs. But at what cost will Jilly and Liam have to make in order to have another day together.

FORGED OF SHADOWS is a wonderful, action-packed ride from start to finish. With the right amount of mystery, action-adventure, compelling characters, Ms. Slade delivers one pulse pounding ride from start to finish. With a keen eye in creating a world where demons, warriors and more surround the human race, Ms. Slade delivers a new take in the paranormal genre. A wonderful continuance from book one, this picks up four months later after Seduced by Shadows and introduces the readers to the league of the Tayla, possessed by teshuva and are keeping Chicago’s streets clean of demonic emanations. But the world of the Talya, all who are demon possessed warriors find a new Talya is now here and it’s a woman. What will happen when a take no prisoners woman like Jilly jons the talya’s? That is what the readers will find when they pick up FORGED IN SHADOWS. A strong willed, independent woman, a warrior leader determined to find any way he can to fight and ultimately defeat the morphing evil that haunts Chicago. This world Ms. Slade created continues to expand, grow and new characters pop up from time to time. What intrigues me is that this world is quite explicit and there are dark corners that humans can not see. From page to page, I was drawn into this world where these warriors reside, keeping humanity safe even as they try to find a way to keep their soul as well. Ms. Slade does a wonderful job in keeping the reader enthralled from the start of FORGED OF SHANDOWS and I could not put it down.

Meet Liam. He never meant to become a leader of anything except he got a demon possessed and is now a leader of the same type of warriors, keeping the world safe as they get rid of the evil that seaps into the world from the veil. Now after a century, Liam is weary of fighting the same fight repeatedly, plagued by doubts, he finds himself lost until his world gets shaken to the core when a the first female Talya is found and the woman calls to Liam on many levels but all he wants is her to become the weapon they need to fight this evil that is now more powerful that the Warriors themselves. Liam is a wonderful hero. He is one of those reluctant heroes that you can’t help but fall for even as he rails at the way his life has become. Jilly is strong, tough and a rebel who searches for a cause to fight for. She is determined to be no man’s weapon but there is something about Liam that leaves her breathless. It will take the strength of them both to beat that evil that is slowly taking over Chicago and if they don’t succeed the world as the humans know it will be gone. Jilly and Liam’s chemistry is explosive and very compelling. Their sparks lit the pages and I was rooting for these two to get together in the end. I loved the strong wills of both Liam and Jilly and found myself falling for them both. The secondary characters kept the story moving nicely and were well written as well.

FORGED OF SHADOWS is a fun, entertaining read that kept me entertained for an afternoon. I know I am eager to read the next book and see which warrior is next to fall in love and find the woman who can bring them to their knees as well as steal their heart. Ms. Slade has a great talent for creating characters that make you yearn to know more about them and their world around them. This series alone is engrossing, intense and intriguing. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for her readers of the Marked Souls Series.

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