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HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY by Katherine Ashe

A Falcon Club Novel, Book Two
July 2012
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Viola Carlyle was kidnapped as a child and is now back in England after Jin Seaton finally found her. Brought back kicking and screaming after being raised by her biological father on the seas, Viola would rather wear pants and sail away on her ship rather than making her way through proper society like she is expected to do now. Jin Seaton is determined to not let this hellcat steal away with his heart but there is something about feisty Viola that calls to him on many levels. Determined to live life on her own rules, Viola finds that falling in love never felt so right or was so wrong.

I absolutely adored HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY. It had an unconventional heroine in Viola who was as tomboyish as you can get and a sexy hero named Jin. Both main characters are intriguing by themselves but together are combustible. Sparks fly between the two and I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Viola and Jin would finally admit their feelings for one another or would they be silent and lose the one person that captured their heart. Ms. Ashe delivers a stunning sequel to When a Scot Loves a Woman and this is one action packed story from start to finish. It is every bit delicious as it sounds on the back cover and frankly, I just couldn’t put it down. Who knew I loved unconventional main characters so much?

Ms. Ashe delivers a strong action packed story that seamlessly goes from shipboard to the glittering ballrooms in regency England with ease. Her characters are interesting, complex and enchanting. Her story flows smoothly with the right amount of tension between Viola and Jin to Viola hating the all the rules society has placed on her. This is an author who knows her characters inside and out and keeps them strong throughout the story. There is no flip-flopping in their nature, which I loved. It was nice to read a historical romance with such strong characters that stay the course until the very end of the book. The secondary characters keep the story moving nicely and are perfect counterparts to the main characters of Viola and Jin. I was even intrigued by a few of them myself. It is rare to see two characters such as the two here (Viola and Jin) that had shared histories and that is what sets them apart from other historical books. That and their intelligence with a hint of humor laced through it. Ms. Ashe does a wonderful job in keeping the reader glued to the pages of HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY and I can’t wait to read book one, When a Scotsman Loves a Lady, to see how this series began.

If you enjoy entertaining characters, a strong storyline and simmering sexual tension between two wonderful characters, then grab this latest in the Falcon Club series and settle in for one rousing wild time. I highly recommend this one for any lover of historical romance stories.

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