Monday, December 10, 2012

The Holly Jolly Blog Hop Week 2

Love Romances and More would love to welcome Sharon Poppen to our blog!

I’m so please to be visiting on your lovely blog. Thanks so much for hosting me. I love getting to meet new readers.

A little about me, usually I write historical romance novels. My first three books focus on strong women in the old west. However, my latest novel ‘Regardless’ is a step in a new direction for me into the sci-fi/gay genre. It’s the story of two men in the future who, against all odds, find themselves in love. As with all my novels, it is very character driven. These characters have many good points, but they can also be very human. By human, I mean they often follow their hearts versus their minds. And, this sometimes brings them to do some naughty things, which make my books adult reading. They are not of the ’50 Shades ….’ naughty, just true to adult relationships.

Now, on to our questions of the week.

What is your favorite Holiday food and why?

That is an easy question and the answer is – Pumpkin Pie. It always puts me in the holiday spirit. Every year, there comes a day when I’m in my local Safeway Grocery Story and I pass through the bakery section without a thought of needing/buying anything there. Then, it happens! I see the Pumpkin Pie! I smile and let my senses take over. The aroma beckons and stimulates my taste buds. My hand automatically picks up a pie and puts it in my basket and suddenly I’m humming Christmas carols.

You can have any person in history over for your holiday dinner. Who do you invite and what do you talk about?

I would invite the recently departed, astronaut Neil Armstrong for dinner. First, because I’ve always wanted to be rocketed out into the galaxy. By following Armstrong’s amazing career, I was able, in so many ways, to put myself alongside him and imagine it actually happening. I would so love to hear his account of his space travel during a conversation with just the two of us. My second reason is that the novel I’m working on right now has a main character who is focused on being the first woman to walk on the moon.

Thanks so much for stopping by and please leave a comment on these questions or share with us how you would answer them. Your comment might just win that $50 Amazon gift certificate when we draw one lucky winner at the end of our blog tour.


Amy S. said...

I love pumpkin pie. My favorite holiday food is sweet potato casserole. I can't ever get it right. My aunt makes it so good. Pumpkin pie is a close second. lol

Sharon Poppen said...

Never had sweet potato casserole. Sounds good. Thanks for stopping by.