Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Holly Jolly Blog Tour - Week 1

Welcome to the Holly Jolly Blog Tour!  We are again blogging about our lives and more in hopes to let you get to know more authors and friends behind the scenes of their latest books!  Up this week is the talented Ann Tracy Marr!  Say Hello, Answer one of her questions, or just leave us a general comment on this post to be entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate at the end of this tour!

Blog buddy Ann Tracy Marr writes paranormal Regency romances. She may pretend to be a Christmas bah humbugger,   but if she had $150,000 floating around, she would give the twelve gifts of Christmas as prizes for following this blog tour. (She would keep the ten lords a'leaping for herself.)  Anyone up for French hens?

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What is your favorite holiday novel - and why? Movie?

Bad me. I don't have a favorite holiday novel. I've read any number of books set during the Christmas season, but none stick in my mind, unless you want to count A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In my humble opinion, Scrooge is the only interesting character (who doesn't yearn to know a bah humbugger?) and the plot is overfull of sugar, nutrasweet, and saccharine. Movie? I'll be trite and say It's a Wonderful Life because I almost always tear up at the end. Keep in mind that I have been known to cry during commercials also.

Let us know your favorite holiday tradition that you cherish in your home. And what holiday tradition do you find fascinating, even though you might not do it at your house? (That might be another culture.)

The year my daughter didn't go to sleep began a tradition. Katie was determined to get at her stocking as soon as Santa filled it, and even at the ripe old age of 8, she could keep herself awake. Poor Santa had a bike to assemble and had to sneak it into a cold garage to work by flashlight while Mrs. Claus kept Katie away from the window. At 3 a.m., Katie finally zonked out; her parents didn't last much longer. Enter tradition! Stockings must wait for the sun to rise lest Santa head the BAD CHILD list with Katie's name. As a bonus (and to cover future eventuality) parents are not to be disturbed until their alarm goes off at 8.

I envy families that limit gift giving -- say, one present gifted per person. How do they do it? How do they keep it "even"? How do they avoid feeling Scroogish? Do you do it?


Sharon Poppen said...

Ann, You are so lucky to have a child in your home at Christimas. There is nothing like seeing their eyes sparkle on Christmas morning. Thanks for sharing you unsleepy child story. Have a very merry Christmas.

Christine London said...

I adore your new family "tradition. Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday full of enough sleep to enjoy every moment!