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A Valentine Valley Novel
December 26th, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
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The town bad boy is back in town and Brooke Thalberg is determined ot not moon over him or even let him know she is interested in him but alas, the grandma’s from Widow’s boardinghouse think other wise. She doesn’t need a boyfriend, she needs ranch hands but love may have a few things to say to Brooke about that.

Adam is back in his hometown, bruised in spirit and in life. An ex-marine, he just wants to find a place to lay his down at night and to work so he doesn’t remember those past years. But finding Brooke Thalberg is still sexier than ever, can Adam find a way to let this gun-shy woman know he doesn’t want to leave Valentine Valley and that with her love, maybe the demons he is fighting will finally quiet down? Only time will tell in Valentine Valley and love is sure to keep everyone talking.

Wow is all I can when I first started reading TRUE LOVE AT SILVER CREEK RANCH. This was the first Emma Cane book I read and it was a fun, enthralling time from start to finish. The story is tight, goes smoothly and the amazing cast of characters had me giggling at times over their quips and antics. Ms. Cane really knows how to keep her readers intrigued and when sexy bad boy Adam Desantis returns, wearier than before, why, the entire town is abuzz. Too bad Brooke is determined to ignore the chatter and find a ranch hand or two for her place. What she definitely doesn’t need is a man in her life but the moment they touch, sparks fly, passion simmers and the gossip is flying. I absolutely loved this town. They had some secondary characters that had me smiling, shaking my head and snickering like mad. Ms. Cane really knows how to hook her readers from the start and this reader kept hoping it was a real town to visit.

Meet Brooke and Adam, two people who need one another even if they try to deny it. Adam is trying to battle his demons but the sunshine that is Brooke gives him hope he can beat them with her help. Brooke is a woman determined to go her own way and doesn’t need or want a boyfriend, regardless of what the grannies from Widow’s Boardinghouse say. These two are the perfect foil for one another. Adam’s demons are quiet with Brooke, Brooke finds Adam to be one man she can let her guard down with and they both will find that love has a way of coming whether you want it to or not. The cast of characters in Valentine Valley is diverse, intriguing and one place I would love to visit. The reader will definitely enjoy this place in Ms. Cane’s books.

TRUE LOVE AT SILVER CREEK RANCH is one book I read in an afternoon and now I need to read the first book, A Town Called Valentine and see what the beginning was like. If you enjoy a diverse cast of characters, humor and sizzling romance, then grab this latest addition to the Valentine Valley series and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure.

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