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A-Tac book #6
Grand Central Publishing Forever imprint, December 2012
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN 978-0-446-58293-3
Romantic Suspense

Dee Davis’ sixth A-Tac book, DOUBLE DANGER, is a story of rediscovery, surprises, danger, adrenaline and intrigue.

Simon, Jillian and Ryan met in college and were the best of friends until Jillian married Ryan and the men joined the military.  It has been many years since Simon made the call that ended up with Ryan dead.  When he goes to a hospital as part of an A-Tac investigation, Simon is shocked to find himself saving Jillian’s life.  Jillian joined Homeland Security after Ryan’s death and hasn’t seen Simon since.  Now Jillian has been asked to partner with A-Tac in their latest investigation and she and Simon will have to find a way to work together while danger lurks around every corner and an old spark is reigniting between them.

Dee Davis once again highlights her alpha team of ex-spec ops soldiers in DOUBLE DANGER, a breakneck paced suspense ridden story of second chances, suspicion and terrorists determined to put an end to A-Tac.  The characters are well developed and their emotional struggles have readers easily empathizing with them.  The other members of A-Tac from prior stories all put in appearances in the story and add to the series continuity.  In each story, terrorists are being thwarted and their battles with A-Tac are a constant source of excitement and danger and DOUBLE DANGER is no exception. 

If you haven’t yet tried Dee Davis’ A-Tac stories, DOUBLE DANGER is a good place as any to start.  These military romantic suspense stories are all good reading and don’t necessarily have to be read in any particular order to be understood, though it is nice to see characters readers have to come to care for put in  appearances in later tales.  DOUBLE DANGER and the entire A-Tac series are what romantic suspense is all about.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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