Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FINDING RELEASE by Silvia Violet

Wild R Farm Series, Book 1
Silvia Violet Books
December 8th, 2012
M/M Paranormal, Western/Cowboys
Obtained by Author


Coleman Wilder is a half-breed, half wolf/half human and is battling each other inside of him. He is determined to not act like a savage wolf but it is hard when he feels like he is on the edge of being torn apart. As a gay man in a conservative town, Coleman keeps his head down and runs his business…until he meets a sexy horse shifter then his whole world is torn apart. For horse shifter Jonah Marks, Coleman is his sanctuary, his safe place after a year of being abused and stuck in his horse shape. But trouble is looming as Jonah and Coleman are forced to defend themselves, their love and the farm against a group of people who are determined to destroy the couple and others like them forever.

Silvia Violet delivers a story that is both emotional and loving at the same time. In FINDING RELEASE, we meet Coleman and Jonah, friends yet Coleman is determined to deny the feelings he has for Jonah as he feels Jonah needs to experience the world outside Cranford, Tennessee. What happens next is something neither anticipates and Jonah is presumed missing for over a year…until he shows up in front of Coleman in horse form, abused, full of scars and just about the end of his humanity complete. Silvia Violet captures the heartache, the pain of the abuse and how it lingers in someone as well as the healing power of love so beautifully, it brings tears to your eyes. Both men give the other something they so desperately need and they grow stronger as they face the evil that is Jonah’s brother and mother. The story flows smoothly, the characters are multi-dimensional and the few twists in the story leave you gasping as you flip the pages quickly to see what happens next.

FINDING RELEASE is more than a man meets man as they fall in love and live happily ever after. This is about forgiveness, of love in all its many splendid forms and strength to face your demons even as you feel your knees shake as you confront them. Silvia Violet conjures wide open spaces, sexy men on horses and all that encompasses a cowboy. FINDING RELEASE is a story that leaves you breathless even as you race to see when book two comes out on the author’s website. Run-don’t walk-to grab this emotionally rich story and settle in for an afternoon of sexy cowboys & shape-shifters. I look forward to seeing where this author takes this new series and hope you can join the ride as well.

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