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Publisher:  The Berkley Publishing Group
Date published:  June 5, 2012
ISBN:  978-0-425-24551-4
Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lynne

Obtained via publisher.


Tyler Murphy, an LAPD detective, has one thing in common with his best friend, Eric Catalano.  Eric’s beautiful wife, Delaney.

Following an accident that leaves Eric partially paralyzed, he becomes angry, taking it out on Delaney who has done everything to be a good, caring wife for him.  One night, self-disgust makes Eric urge Tyler to give his wife what he can’t any longer.  Secretly, Tyler has yearned for Delaney, but it still takes a lot of insistence before he gives in to his friend’s shocking request.  What Eric hasn’t counted on was Delaney enjoying everything Tyler does for her.

After that one erotic night, Tyler realizes his deep feelings for Delaney.  Since she has now sent him away, he flees to Louisiana where he focuses on mindless encounters with scores of women he wishes were Delaney. 

When Delaney suddenly shows up on his doorstep, he is shocked to learn he has a son, compliments of their one memorable night together.  But he learns that Delaney is in mortal danger.  Urging him to take care of her son so she can further investigate the man trying to kill her, to prevent her from publishing a damning article about him, Delaney finds Tyler quickly agreeable in the matter.  And delighted to have a son.

Protective and trying to deny his true feelings toward her, Tyler insists on helping Delaney and engages the help of friends who are more than happy to help track down Delaney’s stalker.

Then, as corruption closes in on Delaney and her friends, Tyler fights to keep her safely by his side...and completely his, at all costs.

MINE TO HOLD by Shayla Black is the sixth novel in the Wicked Lovers series.  This is the first book in this series I have read, but it can well stand alone. 

MINE TO HOLD is extremely well written and a deliciously wicked novel, fraught with danger, strong emotions, tension, and eroticism beyond normal expectations.   Written from the hero’s point of view, it is engaging right from the start and keeps you turning pages to see how everything turns out.  Tyler Murphy is a strong, alpha male who is sure to turn many hearts atwitter, especially because he is capable, sensitive, adoring, and protective of his heartthrob, Delaney Catalano.  Delaney is a beautiful woman, capable yet vulnerable in many ways.  It doesn’t take long to care about both of these characters.

The minor characters are wonderful.  There is a whole slew of them, from Tyler’s many friends who are overjoyed at being allowed to care for his son, Seth, to all of the tough guys and gangbangers that enter the story later on.  I enjoyed the billionaire, Xander, who kept making verbal, insinuating passes at Del, which Tyler absolutely hated.  I laughed every time Xander tried hitting on her, usually right in front of Tyler.  This bit of tension and conflict added a lot to this story, and it was fun.

Black clearly has a knack for creating deeply emotional, complex characters. 

Tyler is at first shown as a playboy who goes through women of all kinds, with no desire to marry ever, thanks to the disparaging remarks his mother made to him while growing up.  Later, he matures into a responsible person who steps up to the plate and decides he is capable of marriage and of being a father as well.  A good father at that. 

Delaney, too, grows from a fearful young woman, one who cares deeply for her son and is willing to raise him alone, to a woman who learns to love and trust a man she never thought would be capable of taking her on, or her son.

MINE TO HOLD is a steamy, spicy ride of eroticism that is sure to envelope the reader.  Black is adept at creating passages of lovemaking that make even the pages curl with anticipation and delight.  The reader will find herself fanning off the perspiration once she manages to get through these heart pounding episodes of passion.

Black also has a unique skill of creating suspense that will keep the reader rooted to her seat.  Originality throughout MINE TO HOLD is like a breath of fresh air as Tyler and Delaney come up against dangerous people and betrayal they hadn’t even expected.

If one is seeking to read about strong alpha males, the women who capture their hearts, their strong sexual attractions and relationships, suspense fraught with danger, with subtle blends of sensitivity and even some adorable moments, then MINE TO HOLD is a wonderful book for the reader to find all of these things, and perhaps a lot more.  I loved reading it, and I know others will, too.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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