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By Fire Series, Book 2
Dreamspinner Press
August 7th, 2012
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

Lee Staurton and Dirk Krause are now officially a couple and have enjoyed being with one another as well as working in the same fire company. But when they get word that their fire company may be forced to close, well, let’s just say moral gets really low and tension is tight around the firefighters there. When asked for ideas on how to raise money for much needed repairs and to show the city council they are a viable company, Lee suggests a Chicken and Beefcake dinner, sort of a ladies night with raffle baskets and having some of the firemen serve the dinners in just their pants, suspenders and hats might get the much needed money they need. But when things are at their lowest, Lee will find out how much Dirk really loves him even as Dirk finds he needs to let go of his pride in order to support Lee in this. Can these two firefighters finally get the chance to be equal in the relationship as well as save their jobs too?

Andrew Grey is one phenomenal storyteller and in STREGTHENED BY FIRE, we find Lee and Dirk fighting to save their fire company. I fell in love with Lee and Dirk in Redemption By Fire and saw they continue to find their way in their relationship. From overcoming their pride to fighting to save their beloved fire company, these two run the through the ringer in this wonderful follow-up. The writing is tight, story moves swiftly and the characters continue to grow with each page through the course of the story. As with all of this author’s books, the characters take center stage and I had to giggle a few times as I read about Lee’s Beefcake dinner idea as flashes of half naked firemen had me blushing a few times. What really had me smiling was the characters from CafĂ© Belige (in the story A Taste of Love) popping in and helping Lee and the firefighters out. I loved revisiting them and hope the author brings them back for a repeat performance.

Andrew Grey has written a strong sequel to Redemption By Fire and one that will leave the reader breathless. The sex scenes were scorching yet tender, showing the love Lee and Dirk had for one another. I loved the connection that continues to grow between these two. Dirk is the angsty one and Lee is the calming one in the relationship. They compliment one another perfectly, in my opinion. I am eager to see what happens in the next story in the By Fire Series and hope to not wait to read it. Andrew Grey is one talented author who writes stories with heart, lots of simmering sexual tension and characters who literally steal your heart when you least expect it. I look forward to seeing what else this author has in store for his readers in the future. If you enjoy hot sexy firemen, laughter and an enjoyable storyline, then grab the By Fire series and settle in for one hot adventure. It’s a perfect winter’s treat on a lazy afternoon.

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