Sunday, January 13, 2013


Publishers:  Zebra Books

Date Published: January 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4201-2505-4

Genre: Suspense

Format: Paperback

Reviewed by Angie

Obtained from publicist


Seven years ago the Seattle Strangler killed six woman and left another for dead. Lara Church survived the attack, but has no memories of her attacker or why she was chosen. After leaving the hospital, she left Seattle and went into hiding, moving around and keeping herself under the radar to keep from being THE SEVENTH VICTIM.

When Lara is left her family home in Austin after her grandmother’s death, she decides it has been long enough and begins putting down roots.  As she begins to relax and live her life, the Strangler returns – this time in Austin. 

Mary Burton is a talented author who has woven a tale that will make readers hearts race, eyes water and leave them wanting more.  Ms Burton knows how to evoke an emotional response, her characters are full dimensional people, not just words on paper.  Lara is an amazing woman who has overcome so much, and she will make readers keep turning the pages as her tale unfolds.  When she meets Texas Ranger James Beck, heart strings begin tugging and readers root for her to finally be able to have a normal life.  Her friends put together the pieces of her life and make her a character to love and cherish.

THE SEVENTH VICTIM is filled with landscape, the houses, the pictures Lara takes come off the pages and make readers feel like they are standing beside the highway waiting as Lara puts developing chemicals on her glass to use her old fashioned camera.  You could feel the heat coming from the asphalt as though you were there.

Ms Burton is an author to follow – her next book is due out in the fall of 2013, and you can bet this reader will be waiting impatiently.


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