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BY THE CREEK by Geoff Laughton

Harmony Ink Publishing
January 14th, 2013
Contemporary Young Adult M/M
Advance Reading Copy E-book
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Author


When the summer before his junior year, David Harper finds himself moving yet again to the country no less. Now stuck in the middle of nowhere, feeling like he has no friends, no life, David finds a swimming hole by the creek behind his house and finds a new friend, one who David feels quite a connection to. But for David, being friends with the Amish Benjamin is not all sunshine and roses. For to the Amish, David is English and not to be associated with according to Benjamin but after David helps save Benjamin’s father’s life, they get the approval to stay friends but when friendship turns to something more, David and Benjamin’s lives are turned upside down as both find they need to make choices as platonic feelings turn to love.

When I first opened BY THE CREEK, I wasn’t sure if it would hold my interest but low and behold, I could not put it down. Mr. Laughton delivers a funny, tender, emotional coming of age story, of friendship that turns to something much more. It’s a story of two people who find their soul mate in one another even as forces collide to make both boys have their hearts break, as hopes turn to ashes then bloom again. This is a story that is about love, friendship, family and more. This is a story full of emotions. This is an author who knows how to convey his characters varied emotions perfectly within the story. Mr. Laughton delivers a story so wonderfully enjoyable, I was amazed when I turned the last page it was going on midnight. I totally lost track of time when I read BY THE CREEK.

In BY THE CREEK, we meet David Harper and Benjamin, a local Amish boy. Both are feeling different as they try to wrestle with their growing feelings for one another as well as the ramifications of their friendship together. For the Amish shun being around the English as they call those who live in a world with electronics, television and more things forbidden to the Amish. But David and Benjamin persevere and find their friendship turns to something much more. But when trouble hits, will it break t hem apart or will it make them stronger? This is an author who has a wonderful writing style and it is conveyed perfectly within the pages of this debut book of Geoff Laughton. The way these two young men try to deal with their forbidden feelings for one another, for finding their place in the world and more is beautifully written. With the right amount of tension, intriguing plot twists that I didn’t see coming among other things, this author has delivered a story that will resonate with anyone who picks up BY THE CREEK. The characters are delightful and capture your attention the moment they step onto the pages and I loved some of the secondary characters as well.

BY THE CREEK is a wonderful story of coming to gripes with the feelings inside you, for accepting yourself even if it isn’t the norm in today’s society, of finding that one person who makes your heart beat just a little faster and more. From friendship to love to heartbreak and more, Mr. Laughton delivers a story any person, straight or GBLT, can enjoy. For hope can strengthen a shaky person’s world and give them something to believe in. Kudos to this author for giving readers a story they can fall in love with and shine a light on the world of young people who struggle with their place in the world-straight and LGBT. I look forward to seeing what this author does in the future.

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