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A Love Means Story Book Nine
Dreamspinner Press
January 21st, 2013
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For Spider a.k.a Bart Van Andren, life has been downhill for awhile. Lost in a haze of drugs, quick fixes and nothing else, he is on the fast track of leaving this world sooner rather than later. But when he is brought to the hospital from an almost fatal overdose, Spider finds his life is about to change…maybe for the better.

Officer Duane sees something in Bart that the other man can’t see so he arranges for Bart to work at his friends’ farm while he is forced to get his head on straight. Bart now finds himself feeling like a normal person, someone who even though he has issues has a chance in life where before the drugs made him forget the world for a bit. Bart just never anticipated falling for Tyrone Jackson, a young man who knows the perils of drug abuse and tries to stay just friends with Bart. But Tyrone can not resist Bart and soon both are finding out about themselves even as they open up to one another, slowly. Can Bart and Tyrone find a way to heal even as danger follows Bart straight to the farm?

Andrew Grey’s latest Love Means story, LOVE MEANS…NO LIMITS, is a wild ride from start to finish. Wickedly insightful, the story flows at a nice even pace even as the reader is drawn into Bart’s struggles against drug abuse and finds a home he never admitted he longed for. With his trademark style, Me. Grey delivers a story that lets the reader fall in love with new characters as well as see what is up with past characters from the series. What got my attention was how true this author was on the perils of drug abuse as well as the constant cravings for it. Bart’s battle is at times, mental, physical and emotional as he battled back his demons and tried to find a way to get some peace even as he finds his way in the world again, this time without the drugs. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this storyline, especially as I have read past stories from other authors that had a character deal with drugs in some fashion. I was happy to say I adored Spider/Bart right away as the reader could tell how much pain this character was in and I know I wanted to give him a big hug even as I dialed the next rehab center for him. It was great to see Tyrone come out and get his own storyline plus with Duane as the narrator, well, let’s just say it was a slight departure from past books but worked really well for this latest installment.

LOVE MEANS…NO LIMITS is more than a love story between two people, it’s about persevering, about finding who you are after finding out that the drugs you need are not the answer. It is about hops, friendship, loyalty and pain. Mr. Grey delivers a strong, emotional story that will leave you breathless in the end. This latest story is also about family- the ones by blood and the ones that are from the heart. Each time you crack open a Love Means… story, be prepared to feel like you have come home, to good friends, family and love. I look forward to seeing where this author goes with this series and can’t wait for the next installment of the Love Means… series. I highly recommend this series if you enjoy captivating characters, interesting storylines and a love that transcends the heart.

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