Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FORTUNE’S HERO by Jenna Bennett

A Soldiers of Fortune Novel, Book One
Entangled Publishing
November 2012
Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

When Quinn Conlan decided to take a job running a shipload of weapons to the planet Marica, he never anticipated it would turn out so wrong. Now in a prison colony, he is being tortured by the ‘medical team’ there and he longs to get his freedom back-at any cost. When he gets the chance to escape, he takes prisoner a med tech named Elsa, a beautiful doctor who slips under Quinn’s armor and snags his heart. But trouble looms as Quinn tries to formulate a plan to get his crew & ship free as he tries to beleivein the sexy doctor he has grown to love.

I have got to admit FORTUNE’S HERO is one action packed wild ride from start to finish. We meet Quinn as he is being tortured by the medial team in a prison colony while he tries to keep from spilling secrets about the Marican Resistance. But when the beautiful doctor walks in who he dubs the ‘Ice Queen’, well lets just say he is intrigued by her more than he should be. Ms. Bennett delivers a wonderful space opera to fall in love with. With the right amount of tension, mystery and simmering attraction between Quinn and Elsa, the reader is taken on a journey that will knock their socks off. I was enthralled till the very end of the book and then once that last page was read, I needed more!

Meet Captain Quinn Conlan. Doing missions for the resistance, has a gorgeous girlfriend and a boat load of money, he thinks the latest job is easy until he finds out him and his crew were betrayed by the one woman he thought would never do that to him. Now he battles against the torture the so called medical team does to him as he tries to figure a way out of the hell-hole he is in. I absolutely love Quinn. He is strong, alpha male, sexy and determined. All qualities I love in a hero of any book. His attraction to Elsa also stole my breath because you could see the sparks fly between them each time they were on the same page. The author does a great job in conveying each characters vulnerability as well as their strengths within the story. The world building alone is amazing as the author shows the reader this wild place where itchy skin lizards and heart-barreling worms roam. I loved it all. This is an author who knows how to keep the reader glued to their seats while reading FORTUNE’S HERO and I can guarantee you won’t want to put it down. I know I didn’t.

If you enjoy wild madcap adventures in space with a sexy captain, an ice queen who thaws when she falls for him and more then you need to get FORTUNE’S HERO. I highly recommend it for any science fiction romance lovers out there or to someone looking for a good space story to enjoy on a winter afternoon. I look forward to seeing where the author goes with this world and hope to meet Quinn and Elsa again in the future.

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