Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Interview with Heather Long and a Contest

Welcome to Love Romances & More Reviews Heather. Comfortable? Let’s begin, shall we?

Please tell us a little about yourself and how long you've been writing. Have you always gravitated toward being an author?

I’ve been writing since I learned how to pick up a pencil and form the alphabet. I wrote my very first book when I was just nine years old—it’s a picture book that my teacher had professionally bound for us.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer/author. I thought at first it would be a journalist, because I love human interest stories—but fiction was where my real desire lay.

How do you balance family life with your writing? 

I’m fortunate that my daughter is a reader and is wildly supportive of my work as an author. I’ve also worked really hard on creating discipline so that I write for certain hours every day and make sure to take breaks when she is home so we can do things together.

If you could trade places with a character in one of your books, who would it be and why? 

Hum, that’s a tough question… A big part of me would love to go to Vegas and manage the stage show like Heidi does in Into the Spotlight or I could swap places with Mariska in Fevered Hearts. But honestly, I love being me because I get to play with all of them.

Anything your fans would be surprised to know about you? 

I am a huge nerd. Though I don’t think that would shock those who follow me on Facebook. I adore Thor, comic books, Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries. I can spend hours discussing my favorite shows and books.

Dealing with writing deadlines can be a challenge. What do you do to cope with the stress? 

I love getting a massage once a month and I take breaks with my kiddo and I remember that life isn’t always about the due date on the inbox.

Is there something special you do to celebrate when one of your books is released? 

Lately, it’s been more of a – I raise my coffee cup, do a happy dance—and then get my butt back to work!

Tell us about your latest/upcoming release. What is this gem about?

Into the Spotlight, Soulgirls #1 is one of my favorite books. I love everything I write (you kind of have to if you’re going to pour your heart and soul into it), but Pandora and Malcolm were just so much fun to write about. I literally laughed out loud in several places. I thought the Arcana Royale was a delightful place to visit. I’m actually working on book 4 even as I type this!

Anything coming from you in the next few months you want to share or are working on?

I have a huge release schedule this year. It kicked off with the release of Earth Witches Aren’t Easy (Urban Fantasy) in January. I followed that up with four more Marines:
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
The Two and the Proud
A Marine and a Gentleman (my very first m/m)
Combat Barbie

In March, I’m releasing Into the Spotlight, Soulgirls #1
In April, A Fistful of Dreams – this is Fevered Hearts #4. This is a paranormal western historical romance set in the 1850s Texas and I love my Fevered boys and girls.

In May, we have Plan Witch from Out of Town (Urban Fantasy) and What Part of Marine Don’t You Understand? (Always a Marine #12)

In June, A Marine Affair (Always a Marine #13 and another M/M)

I think we have Always a Marine #14 in July with Taking the Stage, Soulgirls #2 releasing in August.

Crazy busy! And more books coming later this year

What is in your To Read Pile that you are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for? 

I have the new Lynsay Sands and then on March 5th, sharing a release day with me (Squee!) is the new Mercedes Thompson by Patricia Briggs. I truly cannot wait to read that!

Who is the one author that you would love to meet someday and why? 

I have been really fortunate to meet so many of my favorites in recent years! I would love to meet Neil Gaiman though, I adored his Death: The High Cost of Living and I personally think Good Omens should be a must read for everyone!

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to get into writing? 

Put your butt in the chair and write. Write, finish a book, polish it up, submit it, get back to writing. Don’t wait for a contract to write your next book. Write every single day.

If we asked your muse to describe you in five words, what would they say about you?

Normal is relative—ooh shiny object!

Anything else you want to add? Links?

Contest Announcement: Heather is giving away a $10 Amazon gift card. All you need to do is comment on her post and make sure to leave your email address in case you win. Contest will close March 3rd. 

Fifty years ago, Jeannie Williams made her way to Las Vegas seeking fame and fortune. Instead, she lost her soul and wound up performing nightly shows at the Arcana Royale. Every day, she straps on her feathers, her glitter, her stilettos, and she dances. Every day, it’s the same.

Until the day he walks in.

For six centuries, Malcolm Reynolds has been the go-to guy for anything his family needs: warrior, diplomat, wrangler, researcher, and now an attorney. He enters the Arcana Royale Casino, intent on negotiating the release of his cousin’s bad debt, but one look at the golden-skinned showgirl ignites a fire of need that he’s never experienced. When the fantasy come true sits at his table, words he never expected to hear come out of her lush mouth: “I need your help.”

Now he’s in for the toughest battle of his life, because the Overseers own both his cousin’s debt and her soul. And he’s not planning on leaving the Royale without either one.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.
Warning: Contains high-stakes games, sexy showgirls, and a powerful showdown between a vampire that can’t lose and the House that never does. Spells, slots, sirens and sex, oh my!


Donna said...

Big fan of Ms. Long. Have pre-ordered Into The Spotlight. But I am really waiting on more of her Marines. BTW Just finished Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands. Loved it. And we find out what Anders first name is (snicker). Can't wait till the new Mercy book comes out next Tuesday.

Mary D said...

Great interview. You are a new author for me. I am looking forward to reading your books.

Sheri Vidal said...

Yay for lots of Heather this year!!

Smurfettev AT Gmail DOT com

Barb Han said...

Love Heather's work!! Good luck with that release schedule!! I will try my best to keep up. :-)

tozan said...

Love your Marine series!

Luna Wildwood said...

Great interview. Love that you are expanding and re-releasing stuff. :)

Deborah Blake said...

I am just amazed by how prolific you are! I can't manage more than 2 or 3 books a year.

And that's 6 words :-)

magicmysticminerva at yahoo

Heather Long said...

I ran all of you through Random (dot) org and without further adieu .... *drumroll* the winner of the $10 Amazon gift card is Mary D! Mary if you could drop me your email addy that you'd like the gift card sent to via heather (a) heatherlong (dot) net, I'll get that out to you!