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A harmony Novel
December 31st, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


When librarian Emily Tomlinson started the local writing group she never anticipated she would be having to revisit a time in her past that shatter her world in Harmony, Texas when an old friend drops back into Emily’s well ordered world. A secret Emily has been keeping for over fifteen years will either set her free or destroy her world.

Rick Matheson is finding out that someone just doesn’t want him around or even alive. When he is injured in yet another ‘accident’, Rick finds himself racing against the clock to find out who wants him dead. When US Marshall Trace Adams takes a room at the local B&B, Rick finds him drawn to the young woman. But for their relationship to work Rick needs to risk more than his heart, he also needs to let himself believe in love again as well.

Author Jodi Thomas is a talented storyteller who delivers another wonderful romp in Harmony, Texas. This is a series where you feel like you are coming home every time you pick up one of the books in the series. The story flows smoothly, the reader is introduced to a few new characters as well as some old friends and we get to see more of the residents of Harmony. There is some wonderful characters here in Harmony and I enjoy meeting each and every one of them but I have to confess that I was hoping the author would either finish a few story threads she left open in the last book or at least mention the characters but we didn’t really get that closure or continuation and that made the book not quite as enjoyable at times. I would love to see more of the past characters instead of new ones each book. But overall, the story moved nicely and kept me intrigued till the end.

Meet Emily and Rick. These two have some major issues happening at a time when neither anticipates it. I really liked both their storylines in CHANCE OF A LIFETIME. Emily’s secret and her budding relationship with old friend, Tannon kept me flipping the pages and I liked their chemistry together. The mystery over who wanted Rick dead was very well written and had me on pins and needles. I liked his connection with Trace and their sparks were quite combustible. In Harmony, Texas series, the characters are what make this one of the best, in my opinion, series out there. You feel like you are coming home for a visit whenever you pick one of the books up. For me, that is a comfort and a joy especially when I see a new book in the series is coming out.

If you enjoy a compelling story with engaging characters then you will enjoy the Harmony, Texas series. I can’t wait to see what else this author has in store for her readers and the residents of Harmony in the future.

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