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Book one in trilogy
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February 13th, 2013
M/M Suspense/Mystery
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Ex-cop Marcus walks the streets, heartbroken and determined to keep the area around his home free from the druggies, pimps and other bad seeds that populate a big city. His heart safe behind the wall he built when his lover/partner died in a freak mugging turned murder has left Ben feeling broken, alone. That is until a cute blond waif starts to make him feel again.

Ben is determined to not let anyone close to him. After a devastating crime that has left him broken inside, he sells himself twice a week to help pay for his last year of college. When a potential customer doesn’t take no for an answer, Ben finds himself looking into a pair of eyes that warms his frozen heart. But can these two broken men find a way to trust in love once again? And what happens when Ben’s past comes back to haunt him?

Author T.A. Webb delivers a pulse pounding ride from start to finish. In this introduction to a new series by Mr. Webb, we meet Ben and Marcus, two people who have had pain in their lives. One who just wants to move forward while the other just wants to stay in the past. The question the readers as well as Marcus and Ben will have to figure out is that in order to move forward, you need to deal with the past. I have to stress this is one short novella, about forty pages or so and Mr. Webb packs enough angst, emotion and yummy scorching sex to keep the reader glued to the pages until the very end. This is the first part of a trilogy and yes, the ending will leave you going ‘huh?’ and “that is it?” but I promise you will race to get part two. I know I did.

Author T.A. Webb has a way with words that transport you as you read. To the hot steamy streets of Atlanta to the shadows that deepen as the night goes on. This is a story that will steal your breath away from the first page to the last. The characters are very well written, achingly vulnerable-even the main characters may not think so and a storyline that leaves you wondering what happens next. The main characters, Ben and Marcus are terrifyingly real, so much so I had to put down the book a few times to wipe away the tears after reading some moments the characters experienced that hurt me deeply for them. This is an author who is on his way to being a masterful storyteller, one who leaves their readers left wanting more and achingly vulnerable. The sex between Marcus and Ben is hot, tender and healing. Both men bring something to the other that they achingly need, that they deny themselves even as they long for it. It is a story full of emotions, grit, angst, reality and so much more I could go on for hours about CITY KNIGHT.

If you are looking for a realistic story of two broken people who somehow find the one person they need to be whole again, then you need to read CITY KNIGHT. I just warn you, you will get sucked in and won’t want to put it down. Mr. Webb is a talented author who is on the fast track of becoming one of m/m’s biggest stars in the field. Well done, Mr. Webb for crafting a story that steams the readers heart and leaves them eager for more.

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