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Ballantine Books
February 26th, 2013
Historical/Regency Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For Julia St. Clair, watching her sister pine over the Ton’s latest golden boy has made her firmly decided she isn’t ever going to be like that. Putting herself firmly on the shelf, Julie finds her parents have other ideas for her…namely making an adventurous match to help keep the family out of debtor’s prison and move up the social ladder. They just never anticipated Julie coming up with a scheme that will leave her ruined in the eyes of society but giving her the love she secretly longs for.

I got to admit Ashlyn Macnamara’s debut book is a wonderful read. It was a fast paced, twisting storyline that leaves you breathless until the very last page was read. The characters are well written, engaging and very enjoyable. The best thing about this book was how it was really two stories in one. This was the first time I have read a storyline where both sisters got their happily ever after along side one another and Ms. Macnamara did a fabulous job in keeping it fresh and enjoyable. Most of the time you normally get a hint of a sibling’s story but have to wait for the next book to come out but that wasn’t the case with A MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL. This author weaves Julia and Sophia’s storylines together and it was so enjoyable, I was up till wee hours of the night just to finish the book. I needed to find out if these two sisters would get their very own happily ever after.

Meet Julia St. Clair. Seeing her sister pine away for the new Earl of Clivesden for the past five years has left Julia determined to not fall in love at all. All it does is cause heartache or so she thinks. But sometimes you find love in the most unlikely of places and with a person you never even thought of in that way. I loved Julia. She was fun, determined and quite likable. The author does a great job in giving the two sisters different personalities that play off one another exceedingly well. You never get tired of them or wish they would just hurry up and see who their heart belongs to. I really enjoyed their interactions with one another as well as with secondary characters. All the characters are well written, multi-dimensional and completely captivating.

A MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL is a wonderful debut book by an author who really gives the readers a treat in her first book. If you enjoy a fast paced storyline, engaging characters and a fresh way in regards to storytelling, then grab A MOST SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL immediately. It is one story I couldn’t put down. I can’t wait to see what this author comes up next for her readers.

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