Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Moon Shifter series #3
Signet Eclipse Books, March 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN 0451239601 (ISBN13: 9780451239600)
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Jayce and Kat met in the previous Moon Shifter book, Primal Possession.  After dating for about a year, Kat leaves Jayce when he made it clear he didn’t want her for a bondmate.  She was later kidnapped, tortured and then turned into a shifter by a lupine that is not Jayce.  Now, in MATING INSTINCT, Jayce is back to claim Kat.  But first, they will have to work together to take on the anti-paranormal group that kidnapped her.  After Jayce refused to bond with her in the prior story, Kat is extremely reluctant to allow their relationship to move past business.  However, if there is anyone who can help Kat obtain her vengeance on the group that kidnapped her, it is Jayce.

Katie Reus’ MATING INSTINCT is all about emotion.  Kat was devastated when Jayce rejected her, and being kidnapped and thrown into the shifter world in such a traumatic fashion has not helped her to heal.  Just when this reader felt that Jayce was unworthy of her love, we find that he was just trying to protect her from the numerous enemies he made as an enforcer.  It was easy to imagine how frustrated he must have been when he found her, broken and turned by someone else and his need to help her.  This reader especially liked that while Jayce is quite capable of dealing with Kat’s attackers, he realizes that helping her help herself is more important for her.  He shows his love time and again by taking more of a back seat to her in her quest.

There is no denying that the plot and storyline drive this story, but it is the emotions evoked throughout that brand this story a winner.  This reader plans to go back and pick up copies of the other books in this series.  What more can an author hope for?

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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