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William Morrow
July 2nd, 2013
Contemporary New Adult Romance
E-ARC from Netgalley
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Chase Grayson wasn’t the type to want a forever kind of a relationship. One night stands are more his thing until he meets Harper and she blows everything he thinks is not right for him into something that makes Chase long for that forever kind love that you only see in movies. But Harper makes her disdain known of Chase’s actions and behavior and this wonderful, adorable girl needs a prince instead of a screwed up guy like Chase. Until he finds out that Harper is falling for the one man Chase thinks as a brother, a man who Chase knows will be good for Harper but he can’t help feeling that she is his in all ways. Can Chase find a way to let Harper go to the one she loves or will lines be crossed as hearts shatter on the ground from his choices? The path to love is fraught with hidden corners, a person’s good intentions and a heart that wants one thing-Harper’s love.

Oh my, is all I can say after reading this. This is a story that you literally can’t put down. It is absolutely heartbreaking and at turns so amazing, you don’t know where the story line will take you as you follow Chase and Harper in STEALING HARPER. This is a story that will rip out your heart, stomp on it a few times and toss it back to you-broken, bleeding and broken. I have to say though I read this one before Taking Chances (which I recommend reading first before STEALING HARPER), I was a little lost at first but it does stand on its own two feet, per say. I can’t say too much because you need to experience it yourself. You will literally be ripped to shreds when you close the book and sob hysterically as I did as I grabbed tissue after tissue. The author does a phenomenal job in creating three characters that are by far the most life-like, multi-dimensional characters I have ever read in a long time. You laugh, cry, smile and enjoy these characters even as they do things that leave your heart in your throat and with trepidation, flip the page to see what happens next. I can honestly say you are taken on an very emotional ride from start to finish.

Author Molly McAdams delivers a story so emotionally charged; you can’t help but fall under her spell. Her writing is tight, story flows so very nicely and you get an idea who these characters are under all the layers. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly. It is layers upon layers of emotions being uncovered as the readers finds themselves on the edge of their seat, wondering if the thing they think may happen will and then the shattering of hearts as what you feared to happen does, indeed, happen. With the right amount of emotional tension, captivating and yet flawed characters to enjoy and a story so riveting, you won’t want to put it down, you will find STEALING HARPER a story about love in all its many splendid forms and also about forgiveness. It’s a story how nothing is ever guaranteed in life and to get what you want, you need to make things happen…taking a risk that may not pan out the way you think. Molly McAdams delivers an astounding story that left me speechless for days afterwards. It is a strong, multi-layered story that will literally steal your heart the moment you open it. I hope to read the first book, TAKING CHANCES, then STEALING HARPER again to see the entire story in order.

I highly recommend this wonderful well written book to anyone looking for a new author to try…just remember to keep a box of tissues nearby-you will need them, I guarantee. Kudos to Ms. McAdams for giving the readers something that will take their breath away.

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