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THE RAVEN QUEEN by Jules Watson

Spectra/Ballantine Books
February 22nd, 2011
Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Maeve was a pawn for her father, to secure his royal hold on the land. Three times she was given in marriage to men she didn’t care for or desire. Determined to make her place in a world run by men, her desires thwarted, Maeve finds herself fighting not just for her freedom but also for the throne after her father’s death. Her homeland in chaos as greedy lords’ jockey to win the crown and her estranged husband, Connor, Ruler of Ulster, at their backs, Maeve will find a hidden strength inside her even as she joins forces with wandering druid that will change her life forever. Maeve will find herself torn between duty and her fate…which will win?

THE RAVEN QUEEN is a retelling of an Irish Legend, a legend that will intrigue you the minute you open this latest story by Jules Watson. I never knew about Maeve until I read this story and the author does a wonderful job in creating a vivid, multi-dimensional heroine in Maeve. Fierce as any man, determined to have what she feels is hers and a woman hell bent on proven herself even as she finds herself torn between two roads. Does she go after the crown or will she decide on some other path? Can Maeve run from her fate? This is an author who lets Maeve shine, with hidden vulnerabilities, an iron core inside her even as she finds herself, time and time again, fighting men for her right to rule, to show them that she, a woman, can do what they want to do and rule this land. Jules Watson breathes life into this legend and delivers the reader into a time where men were the rulers, women the chattel and where neighbors coveted t heir neighbors holdings and more.

A fast paced engrossing tale, THE RAVEN QUEEN delivers a wild, intriguing look into a woman who is destined to be great even as she just yearns for peace. The way this author weavers her spell around the reader is very quiet, you don’t know hours pass until you look up at a clock and find that evening has fallen. This engrossing tale delivers a subtle blend of fantasy, historical and romance so skillfully done that at times I was amazed at this author’s way of putting the reader into the story itself. This is a skill I have seen in relative few authors in my time. She makes the reader feel everything Maeve is feeling, seeing and more. This skillful storytelling gives the story much depth as well as let the reader fall completely under her spell.
With a story that twists and turns, is at times very violent just because those times were, the author does a wonderful job in creating a story that leaves the reader wanting to know more about this unique woman and legend. THE RAVEN QUEEN is a wonderful reimaging of a legend that will surely keep you up till the wee hours, eager to see what happens next. I look forward to checking this author’s other books out in the future.

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