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Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian

Book 10 of the Midnight Breeds series
Publisher Delacorte Press
Date published February 2012
ISBN 978-0345530875
Paranormal Romance
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The Breed warriors are right in the middle of their war against the mad vampire Dragos.

After Sterling Chase met Tavia Fairchild in the previous book “Deeper than midnight” their story continues. When they meet again she is shocked that he is a vampire and to make matters even worse for her she is one, too, a Gen One, a first generation vampire. Her true self was repressed by meds, because someone had bigger plans for her. The people she trusted most, betrayed her. Tavia’s life is in great danger and the only safe place is the Order compound.

Chase planned to disappear, but before he was able to do that Tavia arrived at the compound and somehow he can’t stay away from her. Everything in her screams that she should stay a way from him, but she can’t resist the attraction that rages between them.

I have been a fan of this series since the first book was released and I couldn’t wait for this book to be released and I wasn’t disappointed. The book was a real page turner. Sterling Chase was already in the previous book a fascinating character and this time he was a great hero. Well done. Ms. Adrian.

DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT is the tenth book in Lara Adrian’s famous Midnight Breed series and I highly recommend to read the books of this series in the right reading order, not only because for your reading pleasure but also because the stories are strongly connected. Sterling Chase gets finally his happy end and many more plotlines come to a satisfying end. Ms. Adrian brings certain plotlines to an end, but opens up many more.

I am looking forward to read the next book in the series “Edge of Dawn”.


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