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THE GOOD FIGHT by Andrew Grey

Book One in The Fight Series
Dreamspinner Press
September 3rd, 2012
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Author


Jerry Lincoln has more work than he knows what to do with. His IT consulting business is growing and he can’t keep up. Forced to hire some help, Jerry finds himself attracted to John Black Raven, a quiet Native American who is thrilled for his good luck in getting the job with Jerry’s business.

John has been trying to get on his feet, doing as many jobs as he can handle all in order to get his sister’s children out of foster care and back with him. After her death, he finds himself fighting alone against Child Services who are steeped in red tape, money, politics and more but when he meets Jerry, things calm down in his head and he finds himself wanting more from Jerry. But things are happening that leaves John on a tightrope and Jerry on the sidelines waiting to give John all the support he needs.

Andrew Grey delivers an emotional story that will leave you breathless in the end. I didn’t know much about Native American child issues that they face each and every day. Mr. Grey writes a story that is tender, emotional and downright addicting. I could not put this one down the other day. I think I even missed lunch because I wanted to find out what happened next for John and Jerry. The writing is tight, story flows at a nice even pace, letting the reader slowly come to know each of the characters-the good and the bad- and finding some of the most wonderful complex characters to date in a story. Well let’s just say I was smitten more than once with Jerry, John and all their friends and family.

THE GOOD FIGHT is more than two people finding their way to one another. It is about hope, about doing everything right then finding out you need to jump some more. It is about fighting that fight no matter what happens, to believe in you and to stand up for what is right regardless of what others may think. Mr. Grey did an amazing amount of research and it shows in THE GOOD FIGHT, especially as John fights Social Services for his niece and nephew to be where they belong-with their people. I was amazed at how detailed this story was yet you never felt like you were getting a history lesson or anything. The fight John faced and dealt with was a wonderful depth to the story and had me flipping the pages eager to see what happens next. I do have to admit the sex between John and Jerry is smoking hot. The dominant side to John & Jerry’s reaction to it was a very nice surprise amid all the emotional aspects of the story. THE GOOD FIGHT is a wonderful story to read and I look forward to seeing where this author goes in the next book in the series.

If you enjoy an emotional story that will leave you breathless, eager for more then I highly recommend Andrew Grey’s THE GOOD FIGHT or any of his other works. This author is on my auto-buy no matter what. Will he be on yours?

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